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What Vision Makers Know :: Jennifer Zwiebel

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You’re an idea generator.
You’re a transformation creator.
You’re a vision maker.
Your work changes lives.

How, then, will you show up for those who truly need the service, the change, you can guide them towards.

A better question might be - how can you show up - with consistency - in such a way that you don’t drain your own energy?

Marketing is what you DO to show up. It’s all the things -...

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Increase Marketing Energy :: Scott Aksamit

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Welcome to this week's Rise Above Noise Spotlight.

Today our focus is on increasing our marketing energy.

What? Marketing energy? What's that, Susan?

Well, you may have had that energetic reaction when thinking about 'marketing' your business. A bit of a pull, a drag....

In today's episode, Scott Aksamit and I explore various ways that we, as business owners, can make a commitment to a digital marketing practice that not only attract aligned...

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Be Magnetic to Your Clients :: Heather Maguire

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Who do you serve?

Identifying your ideal clients can be a challenge. It's scary to narrow your focus, but then again, you cannot possibly serve everyone. In this conversation, Heather Maguire, Intuitive Medium and Energy Coach, and I talk about how you can define and refine your ideal client avatar. Enjoy the envisioning exercise she shares that you can end up using at any stage of your business to gain clarity and become magnetic to your dream...

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3 Secrets to Getting Great Clients by Being You :: Christina Frei

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If you are spreading a message of positivity - if you’re healing people   - WE NEED YOU.  NOW MORE THAN EVER.

People are discouraged 

Show up - show what’s possible.  You change the world

Use your knowledge to inspire people

Challenge yourself to go to the next level with joy.

When you "DO" marketing.  You reach people.

Your marketing can be simple. It comes from focusing on one core strategy


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Shine Above Sameness :: Josh Zepess

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The Rise Above Noise signature road map has, at its foundation, the understanding that marketing is an act of service. 

That is,  digital marketing - your website, social media, interviews, blogs, emails - is simply the vehicle you use to show up - truly show up - so that those you are meant to serve can identify you as the solution to their challenge.


That means that your person needs to, first of all, notice you -...

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First, Best, or Different?

Mike Verret

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How can we talk about our business in a way that makes people say, “Tell me more!”


Mike Verret is a marketing consultant for small businesses that want to grow.

Mike says: "I get what it’s like to start a business. In the beginning, you have this great idea. And then one day you wake up and realize that in making your dream a reality, it actually slipped through your fingers. It’s not just about your...

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I Had To Keep Stopping To Catch My Breath

If there's anything I love to do, it's to walk. and walk. and walk.
I was so excited that my kids and their partners had arranged a hike for the day after we arrived in Colorado for holiday celebrations.
I figured it'd be just another walk.
It was only a 4-mile loop to climb the trail on Lucy Mountain, so it'd be a breeze.
Oh, Man! Did I underestimate the effect of the altitude that day! I'd been in Colorado less than 24 hours, so, of course, my body was not ready to acclimate...
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5 Distinctions That Drive Profits:: Brittany Drozd

5 Distinctions That Drive Profits
Brittany Drozd

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First off, Susan offers her thoughts and some tips on list-growth strategy using a ‘freebie”, a sign-up form, and a simple welcome email.

Here’s a link to download a worksheet on creating your lead generator.  


Then, we get to experience the wisdom of Brittany Drozd talking about the 5...

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My Bucket is Full - (and a gift for you)

My Bucket is Full

I live with an attitude of gratitude - which makes my life feel abundant every, single day.
I am blessed with good health, strong community, loving family, and, oy, so many interests to keep my mind engaged.
The work I do to support my clients (all of them, transformation creators) sends ripples of good out into the world - That is my main motivation - my mission - my "Why". 
I appreciate you and the work you do in this world.
My wish for you...
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A Tale of Two Authors

Once Upon A Time, Two Women Wrote Their Books….

I want to tell you a story about two authors that I know.   Let’s name them Tracy and Lisa.


 Tracy knew she wanted to write a book and she knew how much hard work it was going to take to write that book. As a person focused on productivity, she was quite sure that she had the system to get that task completed in a timely manner.

 She knew exactly what she had to do.

She had her book...

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