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Sales Funnels - A Path to Your Door :: Carolyn Choate

video Mar 20, 2023

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Welcome to this episode of the Rise Above Noise Spotlight Series.

In each episode, I have the honor of shining a spotlight on somebody in the Rise Above Noise community who is making a real difference and helping others with their business growth.


This week, Carolyn Choate, the Funnel Queen with Financially Free Author, offers tips and insights on how, why, and when to create sales funnels.

Carolyn tells us, sales funnels don't have to be an aggressive tactic, it's really about building a path step by step so people are able to find what they need and feel guided and cared for along the way


~ The basic structure of a sales funnel.

~ Why email still matters

~ What the tech?


NOW - more than ever, our world needs transformation creators, like you, to show up - fully, authentically, and unapologetically as yourself. 

Showing up = Marketing.

It's really all about Showing UP.  

That's why I help you create the structure and templates in your marketing to make sure you feel empowered to Show Up!

The secret sauce is that we work together to create your personal journey so you show up with ease and flow.

Our Rise Above Noise community is revolutionizing how service professionals show up - in their marketing - to make a real difference in the world.



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