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Baseball, Business, and the "Yips"

Hitting .400 as an average for an MLB season is quite the feat

In fact, no qualified hitter has done it since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941.

Many have tried in that span, but none has succeeded.

⚾️ In 1977, Rod Carew led the AL with a .388 average. His average was the highest in baseball since Ted Williams
⚾️ Nomar Garciaparra hit .372 for Boston in 2000. (91 games)
⚾️ Wade Boggs hit .357 in 1986 with the Red Sox (54 games)
⚾️ In 1980, George Brett finished his season at .390 for Kansas City. 1980 is the most recent in which a qualified hitter even hit .400 within a season since Williams' 1941 run.
⚾️ In fact, Brett's 134 games played that season is one of only two 100-plus game bids in MLB history. (The other was John Olerud with the Toronto Blue Jays who bat in 107 games for an average of .363 in 1993)

My point?
Well, I have 3.

1: Business, much like batting, can be hit or miss.
Each day, we 'do the things' to move our business forward:

  • We network
  • We email
  • We create content
  • We post on socials
  • We make phone calls
  • We create events
  • Some of the 'things' move our average up.
  • Some are better left out of rotation.

But always - always - we gotta check our stats.... what gets measured, grows, so we have to have some way to be measuring the success of our actions.

It's well-known that baseball players have their 'superstitions' about what helps them get their results. They have their 'at-bat' routines (Aw, Man, how I miss Big Papi's tightening of his batting gloves, spitting into his palms, and clapping his hands together).
Some wear the same piece of clothing or jewelry as a talisman. Maybe they have to have exactly the right breakfast food that morning. Whatever it is that they believe helped them be successful is what they'll repeat in order to try to recreate that success.

So, my friend, the point here is to keep showing up. Keep doing 'the things'.

Have a way of measuring the impact of what you are spending your time, energy, and resources on so you can adjust your stance when needed.
Repeat what works.
Lose what doesn't.

And, guess what, 4 out of 10 is a pretty good success rate as you're trying to figure out 'the things'



2: Don't let the "Yips" get to you.

In baseball, a case of the "yips" usually shows up as a sudden inability to throw the baseball accurately. The "yips" is more evident in pitchers and catchers basically because they're the ones who touch the ball the most in the game.
I wish I could remember the name of the pitcher (hmmm...was it Jon Lester?) who was an ace pitcher who, one time, hit a runner with the baseball while trying to throw him out at first. He was so shaken up by this, that for quite some time, he wasn't able to successfully make a throw-out at first base.

My point: It's a head game.
If you think you can - you will.
If you think you can't - well, you probably won't

(note: join me on 3/8 12 PM ET for a discussion with my friend, Judy Kane, on how to clear out our head trash - add this to your calendar:


3: Business is a team sport

Yup, even if you are a solopreneur.

We need our coaches and guides.
We need our collaborators.
We need our referral sources.
We need skilled support (bookkeepers, virtual assistants, etc)
We need our raving fans

When we have our 'team', we need to make sure we are showing up on the same field with the equipment we need to get the job done.

Marketing - It's really all about Showing UP.  

The more your audience sees you show up, the more they understand who you are, what you do, how you help people, how to utilize your services, and how to refer you to others, the more they can recognize you as the person to help them move forward - or how to recommend you to others.

Coaches, consultants, and energy workers, who want calm and control, lean on me as their marketing guide.

I guide my clients and students to fall in love with 'showing up' for those they are meant to serve.
With a personalized, clear pathway, they attract more clients.

Your business grows with ease and flow.

Schedule a complimentary strategy call with me.


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