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Why Does Your SUPERPOWER Matter to Your Clients?

As an fact, as a service-based professional, one of the most valuable lessons that can be learned is that we all have our unique superpowers.

What I mean by that is that each one of us has certain things we’re exceptionally good at and have endless energy for.

Ugh....but way too often we don't give our superpowers enough attention. We get caught up in the idea that we need to be good at everything.  

What I'm learning more and more these days, is...

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June 2021 Marketing and Holiday Planning

June has arrived, so that means that summer is finally here! This time of year means longer days, warmer nights, and the start of summer vacation. 
Do you have a plan to start the season off strong?
Whatever your goals are for June, these marketing tips are sure to help your business shine!




You went all out for Mother’s day last month and Father’s day should be no different. Be sure to reach out to all the people who...

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May 2021 Marketing Ideas

 If April showers bring May flowers, then now is the time for your small business to bloom. But....wait! How can you take action to make sure your business is standing out to customers and apart from competitors? You can use creativity, your core values, and your mission statement into the content you create.

Make May the month you shake out what’s not working for you in your digital marketing programs and focus on authentically reaching your clients and customers with...

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Automation, YES! But....not at 3X the Monthly Fee!


I almost missed the email......but, I am so glad I stumbled upon it.
Hootsuite wants to increase my monthly fee from $21.99 to $75/month!
Who does that?!
Off I went to research other social media schedulers.
Buffer: $65/month if you want to plan out more than 100 posts in a month.
Later: $33.33/month for unlimited posts
Sendible - $29/month for starter pack
Canva Pro: $10/month - allows up to 7...
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Mothers Day Marketing

I am sort of a Grinch.- or maybe, better stated, a holiday questioner.

 Valentines Day, Siblings Day, Puppy Day…. I don’t buy into running to the store to purchase over-priced cards, boxes of cheap chocolate, or squeaky toys because of someone else’s idea of a marketing opportunity.

But…..We do have Mother’s Day coming up….and that leaves me to consider….

Is Mother’s Day a “Hallmark holiday”?

I’ll leave that to you to...

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Email Marketing vs. Social Media


You’re running a small business, so I know that your marketing budget and your time are probably stretched thin. With that in mind,  it probably makes a lot of sense for you to focus your efforts on one specific marketing channel rather than several. Ah....but then, that begs the question: which is better, email marketing or social media?

The truth is that while social media is busy and may seem like where things are happening, email is still king when it comes to...

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Time to Check Your Social Profiles

I’m guessing it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed some of your online listings and social profiles. One thing to remember is that unless you have a fairly major website, your social networking profiles may be the first thing that comes up on Google searches, so you are well-served to review them to make sure they are accurately portraying you and the work you do.

I think it's helpful to start thinking of each of your social media profiles and other online listings...

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Email Marketing and Holiday Planning April 2021

Looking to find a way to drive more traffic online? Need ideas for spring sales? 
Whatever your goals are for the start of the season, the content here will help you make April the best month of your year.



It's easy to be feeling stressed right now about our current situation, but don't make remembering to send an email another reason to be. Take some time at the start of the month to prep your messages, then....set them up to be sent...

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Ditch Perfectionism

Join me and Britnie Hurd, Alignment Neuro-Astrologist in conversation about our dancing around perfectionism.

Discover the #1 cause of perfectionism 
How can Astrology reveal your untapped gifts? 
How you can create lasting feelings of confidence, success, and freedom?

Schedule with Britnie: or connect on Facebook.


Why Have A Welcome Email Nurture Series


View more Conversations with Experts who Rise Above Noise


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Kindness is Cool and Smiles are Free


Do you think I would not be drawn in immediately to a project with that tagline?

Kindness is cool.
Smiles are free.

When I received a message through Podmatch to check out Russ John's broadcast, at first I thought, "Hmmmm.  Pirate Broadcast?  How is that even a thing? And what could I possibly add to such an endeavor?"

So, of course, I went on all the platforms, listened to a bunch of Russ' broadcasts, and realized....

"Yup.  Here's a message I can get behind!"


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