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Ditch Perfectionism

Join me and Britnie Hurd, Alignment Neuro-Astrologist in conversation about our dancing around perfectionism.

Discover the #1 cause of perfectionism 
How can Astrology reveal your untapped gifts? 
How you can create lasting feelings of confidence, success, and freedom?

Schedule with Britnie: or connect on Facebook.


Why Have A Welcome Email Nurture Series


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Kindness is Cool and Smiles are Free


Do you think I would not be drawn in immediately to a project with that tagline?

Kindness is cool.
Smiles are free.

When I received a message through Podmatch to check out Russ John's broadcast, at first I thought, "Hmmmm.  Pirate Broadcast?  How is that even a thing? And what could I possibly add to such an endeavor?"

So, of course, I went on all the platforms, listened to a bunch of Russ' broadcasts, and realized....

"Yup.  Here's a message I can get behind!"


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How To Be Unforgettable and Highly Referable To Your Network

Shaily Hakimian

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First off..... I get real and let you know how Clubhouse almost broke me.

Well, it didn't really break me....and it wasn't actually Clubhouse -it was just the feeling that I had to be everywhere - doing all the things. 

It was great to have Shaily Hakimian, Your Social Media Sherpa on hand to talk me down off the ledge. 

Shaily tells me that her superpower is tricking people into believing in themselves using their...

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What Actually is a Brand?

Sarah Michelle

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What's a brand?

Is it colors? fonts? taglines? jingles?

In today's conversation, Sarah Michelle and I talk about the various aspects of your Business Brand as an extension of your Personal Brand. 

It all begins with clarity around your core values, your mission statement, your "Why".   Knowing your ideal client - who you're speaking to is key to creating the messaging around your Brand.

Key Takeaways:


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Planning Your Profitable Retreat

Amy Flores - Young

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If you are a coach thinking about planning a retreat - go no further until you’ve listened to Amy Flores- Young of FloYo Travel.


After decades as a non-profit professional Amy has brought together all her superpowers to create PPTT: 

Powerful~Profitable~Transformation~ Travel. 

 Amy partners with soul-centered coaches and leaders to create transformational in-person destination retreats so they...

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Understand the Instagram Algorithm

Lauren V. Davis
Lauren Davis Creative

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First off, I offer my marketing thoughts of the week:

Marketing is actually simply a vehicle....whether it’s through email, social media, speaking, a book,  - it allows you to reach more people.  If you approach marketing with “I’m here to serve”  “I’m here to make a difference”, how will that affect how you show up and attract those who are...

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How to Be Magnetic While Networking Online

Natalie Klun

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Today’s episode begins with a musing on the topic of active listening and using curiosity when interacting with contacts, clients, and new connections.


When you listen to my conversation with Natalie Klun,  you will be able to tell right away why I simply had to ask Natalie on the show.  


Natalie points out that business is about relationships so being magnetic is about having a connection with...

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Generous Listening

Are you listening?
Are you deeply curious about what your clients are thinking about?
What questions do they have?
What struggles are they experiencing?
Where are they getting stuck?
How do they feel?
What do they celebrate?
What do they need to know about you?
Active, Curious, Listening.
It's a theme that's been coming up over the last couple of weeks
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How to Be Real on Social Media


Marketing for Humans is a podcast by Christina Frei, creator of Innate Marketing Genius and Generosity Practice.

It's about human-scale marketing between humans.

Trust is your currency as a service-based business owner. If you can make a difference in potential clients' lives, they will want to do business with you.

But how to do this?

Chances are, you are not accessing one of your biggest superpowers: your Innate Marketing...

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Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less

Allan Langer

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This episode’s tip is centered around two of the most powerful words in the English language:



“Generous listening is powered by curiosity, a virtue we can invite and nurture in ourselves to render it instinctive. It involves a kind of vulnerability— a willingness to be surprised, to let go of assumptions and take in ambiguity. The listener wants to understand the humanity behind...

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