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Human Connection is Key :: Kevin Strauss

video Jun 08, 2023

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On this episode of Rise Above Noise, I get to discuss the importance of showing up authentically on social media platforms and maintaining relationships that matter. Kevin Strauss is an emotional health and innovation consultant. We focus on how human connections are key for improving business. Kevin shares his background and knowledge on emotional health, and how his app Uchi can help nurture authentic connections.

We get into it as we discuss the interconnectedness of wellness and the importance of finding purpose in life. Kevin shares his tips for using Uchi for improving relationships.


Key Takeaways:

How to Reduce Noise and Focus on What Really Matters:

"There is so much noise out there and trying to reduce all that noise. Like when you open your computer and it's all the social media and blasting everywhere...trying to just calm some of that noise and get a little more focused on what really matters to you and your goals in life." - This is a great reminder to reevaluate how much noise we let in and to focus on what truly matters.


The Importance of Balanced Wellness:

"Balanced wellness is like the four tires on a car. You've got to nurture all four physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. And when all those tires are inflated in your car and everyone around you, you are just cruising down the highway."


The Benefits of Using Uchi for Building Strong Relationships:

" It doesn't take long, but you got to keep it going. So just use Uchi. It's free. Have fun. It's safe and private. Have fun."



NOW - more than ever, our world needs transformation creators, like you, to show up - fully, authentically, and unapologetically as yourself.

Showing up = Marketing.

It's really all about Showing UP. 

I know frustrating it can be to feel helpless when you are trying to bring your services and products out into the world.

That's why I help you create the structure and templates in your marketing to make sure you feel empowered to Show Up!

The secret sauce is that we work together to create your personal journey so you show up with ease and flow.

Coaches, consultants, and energy workers, who want calm and control, lean on me as their marketing guide.

I guide my clients and students to fall in love with 'showing up' for those they are meant to serve.

With a personalized, clear pathway, they attract more clients.

Their business grows with flow and ease.




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