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Dipping My Toe Into ChatGPT

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2023

Blown away....

I was challenged to offer ChatGPT a query relating to the work I do as a digital marketing coach.

🎯 ChatGPT nailed it on the first try.....ALMOST       (the *but" is at the end of this post).

As a digital marketing coach for coaches and lightworkers who want to scale their business, here are at least 10 things you will provide to help them get to multiple six or seven figures in their business:

☀️ A  customized marketing strategy:

A tailored marketing strategy based on the coach or lightworker's business goals, target audience, and resources.

☀️ Content marketing guidance:

A plan to create and distribute engaging content that will attract and engage the target audience.

☀️ SEO optimization:

Guidance on optimizing the website and content for search engines to attract organic traffic and increase visibility.

☀️ Paid advertising guidance:

Knowledge on paid advertising strategies, such as social media ads, Google Ads, or sponsored content, to reach the target audience more effectively.

☀️ Email marketing strategy:

Guidance on creating a successful email marketing strategy to increase engagement, generate leads, and convert sales.

☀️ Social media strategy:

A strategy to use social media platforms effectively to increase the reach and engagement of the target audience.

☀️ Conversion optimization:

A plan to optimize the website and content for better conversion rates, such as optimizing the landing pages or improving the sales funnel.

☀️ Analytics and tracking:

Guidance on tracking and analyzing the marketing efforts to measure the success and identify areas for improvement.

☀️ Branding and design:

Assistance in creating or refining the branding, logo, and visual identity to stand out in the market.

☀️ Mindset and accountability:

Coaching and support to help the coach or lightworker overcome mental blocks, stay motivated, and accountable for the implementation of the marketing strategy.

{I didn't even have to edit one word}

 I couldn't have summarized it any better on my own.

Thank you ChatGPT

(*) BUT
Here's the thing.

This description could be any digital marketing consultant, couldn't it?  

Clients who hire me, of course, want to know that I can do these things for them. 

Of course, they want to know that I have the tools, experience, and resources to make sure they are showing up with consistency and value for the people they are meant to serve.

But, why they really hire me is because I get them.

I get it that making videos make some people jump for joy and others want to crawl into a hole.

I get that writing blogs is easy as pie for some and a huge headache for others.

I get that the tech can make some folks feel like they've got it all under control while it makes some people want to cry.

   People hire me because I get it. 
   I listen.
   I learn from you.

I know that if you don't align with the actions you've been 'prescribed' by your digital marketing consultant....You are just not going to be consistent with doing the things.

Consistency - Doing the THINGS - that's how your ideal clients learn more about you, come to trust you, and - end up hiring you. 

I am not like everyone else who does this work.

YOU are not like everyone else who does your work.

Let's start there.


    Schedule your complimentary 1st consult here. 

    I look forward to learning more about the uniqueness that is you. 





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