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Her Facebook Was Hacked

email marketing Jun 14, 2023

It felt devastating.

In the grand scheme of possible life tragedies, it wasn't life-threatening
it was supremely annoying.

It took up hours and hours of her time, and her colleague's time.


"Riley"(*) had her Facebook account hacked and shut down.

There seems to be no avenue through the Facebook quagmire to retrieve her account.

So, that was bad enough because she has quite a following and, more often than not, was able to fill her events through her organic posting via her personal page.

The extra bad part of this quasi-tragedy is that Riley didn't have a second admin on her Facebook business page - and so, now, she is locked out of that, too.

Just imagine: more than a thousand contacts lost

She simply has no way to recreate the traction she's built up in the past 7 years or so.

(*) Not her real name, of course.


It's not the first time I've heard this story.

If you've been to any of my events or if we've had even a short conversation, you probably heard me say this over and over

Email puts YOU in CONTROL.

Here are some of the other reasons I simply feel more confident about using email marketing as a primary tool in my business over trusting the powers-that-be over in social media mega-world:

With email, you have full ownership and control over your list of subscribers. Unlike social media, where platforms can change or disappear, email ensures you can directly reach your audience whenever you need to.

Subscribers opt-in to receive your emails, showing genuine interest in your content. This makes email more effective at capturing their attention compared to social media, where posts can easily be scrolled right by (if they're even shown at all)

Email allows you to tailor messages based on your subscribers' interests. This means that you can make your content more relevant and engaging. Unlike social media, you can reach specific groups of people with personalized emails.

Emails have a way higher chance of reaching your subscribers' inboxes compared to social media posts, which can get buried or missed. If you are following best practices, you will find way more reliable delivery and connection with your audience.

Email has proven to be a reliable method of communication over the years. It remains a popular and widely used tool, unaffected by the changing trends and algorithms of social media. EVERYONE OPENS their inbox.
Most results I find show that email results in a 35 - 45 X ROI!

If you're not already doing so, I invite you to consider incorporating email into your digital strategy for effective and direct communication with your audience. Schedule some time with me today to learn how to make this easy.


If you ARE already using email marketing, this is a great time to do a platform review:

  • Download your list of subscribers (just in case)

  • Review 'sleepers' - Is it time to clean up your list?

  • Reward your most dedicated readers with some extra attention Segment your list to offer more personalization in your email sends.

    (Are you sending 'blasts' or are you sending 'love letters'?)

  • Where can you automate a nurturing welcome series that educates, entertains, engages (and converts) your best prospects?


When it comes to communication and sharing information, email wins over social media, hands down!
With email, you have control, subscribers who choose to hear from you, personalized communication, better reach, and a reliable long-term solution.

Email doesn't have to be hard or incredibly time-consuming. 
Let's explore a consistent and generous email marketing strategy that feels like ease and flow so you attract, engage, and convert more ideal clients. 

Schedule your call with me today.


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