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Transforming Lives Through Writing

Rochelle Melander
Write Now!


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Top Takeaways:

  • Keeping a running list of FAQs helps organize your thoughts
  • Your story can serve a larger purpose - Tell it!
  •  It can be amazing to realize that your words have gone beyond you to help other people

First off...... I share Part 1 of my series on how to use FAQs to figure out what content to share about you, your business, your services or products.

Then, I think you will enjoy the conversation...

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Mindfulness as a Solopreneur

Alyssa Knapp
Integrative Wellness of RI

This was such a juicy talk. 

We, as solopreneurs, know that our energy is constantly being poured into different areas of our careers and personal lives. Alyssa helps us use mindfulness to identify areas of our life that yield the greatest return on energy.

Here are some of the top takeaways: 

  • Mindfulness is a practice that really allows us to train our attention, to better be able to shift that awareness in that energy where it needs to be....

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Clarify Your Message

What’s the difference between vision and mission?

Your vision statement is about the future. It expresses where you want to go. Your mission statement is about the present. It defines what your business does, who you do it for, and why.

Why should you write a solid Mission Statement? 

  • To help you focus on the direction of your business
  • To help you define your ideal client/customer
  • To help you explain the why behind your business
  • To help you spell out what you DON’T do


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Calming Your Space So It Quiets Your Mind

Kerri Miller
Feng Shui Pathways

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Some Takeaways: 

  • When you’re working from home, physical boundaries become a big issue. You may be less successful because you’re trying to multitask and multi manage all things at once.
  • Principles of Feng Shui can help you focus on what’s important so that you really put 100% into it, and then, be able to step away.
  • Set yourself up energetically so that you’re not energetically distracted by what’s going...
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Engage the Room

Stacey Shipman
Creator, Engage the Room

Some Takeaways:

  • We don’t connect with data and facts – we connect with our heart.
  • Heart-centered entrepreneurs (HCE) really do need to show up courageously, clear in our communication, and caring in our actions.
  •  Staying in touch can make a huge difference in our brand…in being able to cut through the noise and be able to engage people. 

View interview

Stacey tells a delightful story about a young girl who she had a...

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Find Your People

Abbe Ciulla
Community Builder - The Mighty Yogini


  • When we get to portray ourselves with complete authenticity in our social media, it feels less like depletion because you get to be yourself.
  • Develop quality followers vs quantity followers. Your engaged followers will keep the dialog going. This will help inspire your future material. The flow becomes inherently easy.
  • Set your personal intention. What is your personal mission statement?

There were so MANY Takeaways from ...

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Quiet Success : Introverts Build Successful Businesses


Ashley Harwood
Founder, Move Over Extroverts

Topics we covered:
1. What is an introvert, and how do you know if you are one? What does that mean?
2. How to use your energy and your calendar to maximize your productivity.
3. Developing sales strategies that are specific to your individual strength
Move Over Extroverts

I know my audience….and I am 100% positive that you are going to absolutely LOVE my conversation with Ashley Harwood, founder of Move Over Extroverts.

Through her...

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Mindful Meditative Media

Kimber-lee Jacobsen
Thought Leader: BeLight Yoga

Key Takeaways:

  • Set up your mission-driven business for success with intent with steps to make your information accessible to those who are seeking to learn more about you.
  • Create a home practice of sitting in stillness to focus on your mission and your ‘why’.
  • Guide your day to day decisions to move you closer to where your intention is set.

 First, in this episode, I hop up on my soapbox – again –...

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4 Principles for Financial Clarity

Ean Price Murphy
Founder, Owner: Moxie Bookkeeping

The 4 Principles for Financial Clarity:

1: Question every expense
2: Experience the benefits of giving every dollar a home
3: Pay yourself first (via the Profit account), then fund the other accounts
4: Make a money date with yourself.

Ean told me that her superpower is taking the fear and frustration out of finance.

Honestly, listening to her talk about her processes and her deep understanding of the challenges and fears of small...

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Business as an Experiment

Minessa Konecky
Transformation Coach- Direct to Success


  • Know what you’re trying to accomplish in your business….look at your results without judgment – If you want a different result – take different actions.
  • Think of your business as an experiment
  • When you say “What can I do to improve this next time?” – You empower yourself vs. playing a victim or engaging in negative self-talk.

My interview with Minessa Konecky of Direct to Success...

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