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Innovate Your Vision:: Petra Contrada

Petra Contrada
Thrive and Win

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As I began chatting with Petra Contrada of Thrive to Win in Life and Business, we focused on the power of messaging.  These days with short attention spans and a million distractions, it’s more important than ever to communicate with focus and power.

This month, in the Rise Together membership group, we’ve been taking a deep dive into Donald Miller’s book,...

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Visibility = Opportunity:: Bobbie Carlton

With Bobbie Carlton
Innovation Women

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Bobbie Carlton has built her business(es) around creating opportunities for businesses and business owners to increase their visibility, grow their influence, attract more business.


My Takeaways:

  • Tell a story - bring your audience closer to you and who you are.
  • How can you help the audience see things in a new way? Can you have the audience leave saying, “Oh, I never thought of that! I’m...
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Rise Above Noise - A Digital Marketing Road Map

The Rise Above Noise signature digital marketing process guides you, the small business owner to dig into your core values, master your time, and gain control of your messaging so that you will attract the clients that align.
The 5 Elements of the Rise Above Noise process:
~~ Core Values, Mission Statement, Ideal Clients
~~ Compelling Content
~~ Proof of Concept
~~ Organize / Schedule - be in...
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3 Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs :: Suzanne Moore

When marketers get together.... there are always so many juicy tips to pick out for your business.  

We talked about the 3 Top Marketing Challenges Business Owners Face:

~~~ How to break the feast or famine cash flow cycle
~~~ Why keeping marketing simple is your best route to success
~~~ What holds most entrepreneurs back from long-term profitability


First off - I get geeked out by the new feature in Constant Contact -

Fully Customizable Landing Pages!

Oh my goodness. This...

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Connect & Elevate Your Biz::Jen Jones

Jen Jones
Connect & Elevate

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Our guest this week is Founder and Master Connector of Connect & Elevate, Jen Jones. Jen is an introvert entrepreneur with a passion to teach other introverts how to network and connect that aligns with their values.


Jen offers her 4 Tips to build your biz by Networking & Connecting


  1. Find Online Events on the Smaller Side
  2. Find forums where you can offer value
  3. Reconnect with your existing...
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Riches Are in The Niches:: Dani Whitestone

Dani Whitestone 
Women's Small Business & Leadership Network

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Are you networking and marketing like crazy but not gaining any traction in your business? It can feel counterintuitive as small business owners to try to talk to fewer people, but that's where the magic happens!

There's a reason why the phrase "the riches are in the niches" exists. 

Today, we talk about how to harness its power for your small business!


How to figure...

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Embracing Your Joy: Beth Newberry

Beth Newberry: 
Embracing Your Joy

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Beth Newberry of Joy is Everywhere and I talk about the absolute necessity to train your self to consider the joy in everyday things. 


Positivity and Gratitude become a practice for everyday living.

Some top takeaways:

~ Surround yourself with people who lift you up

~ Take some time each day to write down and acknowledge what you are grateful for.

~  Limit the negative - and the...

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The Gift of Value - Emails That Convert to Customers



When trying to keep up with social media, we often forget about harnessing the power of email to grow our business.

Perhaps you even shy away from sending emails for fear of being a bother?

What if your correspondence was an act of service which brought value and cultivated meaningful conversations with your prospective clients?

Would that help you communicate more often?

Join this conversation with Susan Finn, Digital Marketing Strategist with Rise...

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The 3 Principles of Persuasion :: Nancy Medoff

AthenaWise Strategic Solutions


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Do you feel that you are leveraging your inherent strengths? 

Nancy shares the three principles of persuasion which can be applied to any high stakes situation. With persuasion comes confidence. It's a skill that can be learned.

The three common persuasion techniques:

  • The Rule of Three.
  • Start with Them.
  • So What.

First, I'll share my digital marketing tips of the week.

Subject Lines - How NOT to...

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Starting Points for Selling Online

Donato Dandreo
Compete Now

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Starting Points for Selling Online: Donato Dandreo

Today, we get to learn about using the internet to sell your products with Donato Dandreo, Wordpress website designer and owner of CompeteNow

Key Takeaways -  Put some time into considering and researching:

  • Target market
  • Keywords
  • Pricing 
  • Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return Policy
  • Shipping resources

Donato reviews some details around using Shopify...

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