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Your Nurture Series

The Nurture Sequence does just that....It starts to build an honest relationship with your subscribers and nurture them closer to you and your value

A nurture series is an automated series of emails that someone receives when they opt-in to receive your emails.

You’ve just returned from an energetic networking event and you have a stack of business cards for folks who have let you know that they’re interested in learning more about you, the services you provide, the products you...

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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Leadership:: Tony Martignetti

Tony Martignetti
Inspired Purpose Coaching

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Leadership - It’s not always what we think.
So many of my clients and community members are solo-professionals. They’re not managing a team of employees. They’re not getting booked on MSNBC to tell the nation what they need to do.

I recently read that leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new....

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Compelling Selling: Niche and Pitch:: Nancy Zare

Nancy Zare
Rapport Builderz

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First, this week I talk about one of my favorite books, The Referral of a Lifetime which, in a nutshell, will tell you... You already know the 100 people who will help you grow your business. Stay connected. Nurture the relationships. 


Then, Nancy Zare, owner of Rapport Builderz, and I talk about Compelling Selling. 

Nancy tells us that not everyone makes buying decisions the same way. Nancy went...

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Join Me By The Virtual Campfire with Tony Martignetti


Recently, Tony Martignetti and I had an opportunity to record a podcast together. 

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.... Tony's voice and presence are like having warm cookies right out of the oven.  He's comforting, solid, and easy to digest.

In this interview, I get to talk about some of the flashpoints in my life that ultimately led me to start my digital marketing journey.  I get to share my story of how my mom's accident and need...

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Connecting the Wellness World: Bonney Fiorito

Bonney Fiorito
About the Journey

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This week’s digital marketing tip: 

Show up - Make it EASY for folks to take the next step closer to you.
The service-based professionals I work with are making real and lasting changes in their world.  The resources they offer, the work they do, the support they offer can be life-changing for the right person. And, that person could, at this very moment, be searching for you and what you are...

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Innovate Your Vision:: Petra Contrada

Petra Contrada
Thrive and Win

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As I began chatting with Petra Contrada of Thrive to Win in Life and Business, we focused on the power of messaging.  These days with short attention spans and a million distractions, it’s more important than ever to communicate with focus and power.

This month, in the Rise Together membership group, we’ve been taking a deep dive into Donald Miller’s book,...

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Visibility = Opportunity:: Bobbie Carlton

With Bobbie Carlton
Innovation Women

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Bobbie Carlton has built her business(es) around creating opportunities for businesses and business owners to increase their visibility, grow their influence, attract more business.


My Takeaways:

  • Tell a story - bring your audience closer to you and who you are.
  • How can you help the audience see things in a new way? Can you have the audience leave saying, “Oh, I never thought of that! I’m...
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Rise Above Noise - A Digital Marketing Road Map

The Rise Above Noise signature digital marketing process guides you, the small business owner to dig into your core values, master your time, and gain control of your messaging so that you will attract the clients that align.
The 5 Elements of the Rise Above Noise process:
~~ Core Values, Mission Statement, Ideal Clients
~~ Compelling Content
~~ Proof of Concept
~~ Organize / Schedule - be in...
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3 Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs :: Suzanne Moore

When marketers get together.... there are always so many juicy tips to pick out for your business.  

We talked about the 3 Top Marketing Challenges Business Owners Face:

~~~ How to break the feast or famine cash flow cycle
~~~ Why keeping marketing simple is your best route to success
~~~ What holds most entrepreneurs back from long-term profitability


First off - I get geeked out by the new feature in Constant Contact -

Fully Customizable Landing Pages!

Oh my goodness. This...

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Connect & Elevate Your Biz::Jen Jones

Jen Jones
Connect & Elevate

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Our guest this week is Founder and Master Connector of Connect & Elevate, Jen Jones. Jen is an introvert entrepreneur with a passion to teach other introverts how to network and connect that aligns with their values.


Jen offers her 4 Tips to build your biz by Networking & Connecting


  1. Find Online Events on the Smaller Side
  2. Find forums where you can offer value
  3. Reconnect with your existing...
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