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The 3-Stage Offer Suite: Begin with the End in Mind

video May 23, 2023

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It's good for your clients.

It's good for YOU!

Regina is Your Offer Queen, Funnel Builder, and mad scientist. When it comes to program development for online business, She's your human GPS system mapping a crave-worthy customer journey that puts YOU first.

Being clear on how you want to live your life and serve your clients is the key to creating a sustainable, successful business.

Being clear on how you serve your clients - what the transformation is that you offer - is the key to attracting, engaging, and retaining your ideal clients.

By creating a 3-Stage Offer Suite for your business you give customers the opportunity to choose the best-suited place for them to start and then continue their journey.

Your Takeaways:

~~ When the offer suite is thoughtfully developed, they can seamlessly connect to one another.

~~ Follow-through and touchpoints are key to customer success.


Susan's favorite nuggets:

~ What is your IDEAL LIFESTYLE?  We all want Freedom and Money. They go hand in hand. Everyone's idea of what success is is different.

~ Make sure you put YOUR needs FIRST. THEN you can create your products.

~ The biggest challenge is breaking your content down into digestible pieces. Taking a birds eye view of our own content.

~ We need 3 levels of help that we can offer our audience.



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