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Riches Are in The Niches:: Dani Whitestone

Dani Whitestone 
Women's Small Business & Leadership Network

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Are you networking and marketing like crazy but not gaining any traction in your business? It can feel counterintuitive as small business owners to try to talk to fewer people, but that's where the magic happens!

There's a reason why the phrase "the riches are in the niches" exists. 

Today, we talk about how to harness its power for your small business!


How to figure...

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Embracing Your Joy: Beth Newberry

Beth Newberry: 
Embracing Your Joy

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Beth Newberry of Joy is Everywhere and I talk about the absolute necessity to train your self to consider the joy in everyday things. 


Positivity and Gratitude become a practice for everyday living.

Some top takeaways:

~ Surround yourself with people who lift you up

~ Take some time each day to write down and acknowledge what you are grateful for.

~  Limit the negative - and the...

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The Gift of Value - Emails That Convert to Customers



When trying to keep up with social media, we often forget about harnessing the power of email to grow our business.

Perhaps you even shy away from sending emails for fear of being a bother?

What if your correspondence was an act of service which brought value and cultivated meaningful conversations with your prospective clients?

Would that help you communicate more often?

Join this conversation with Susan Finn, Digital Marketing Strategist with Rise...

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The 3 Principles of Persuasion :: Nancy Medoff

AthenaWise Strategic Solutions


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Do you feel that you are leveraging your inherent strengths? 

Nancy shares the three principles of persuasion which can be applied to any high stakes situation. With persuasion comes confidence. It's a skill that can be learned.

The three common persuasion techniques:

  • The Rule of Three.
  • Start with Them.
  • So What.

First, I'll share my digital marketing tips of the week.

Subject Lines - How NOT to...

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Starting Points for Selling Online

Donato Dandreo
Compete Now

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Starting Points for Selling Online: Donato Dandreo

Today, we get to learn about using the internet to sell your products with Donato Dandreo, Wordpress website designer and owner of CompeteNow

Key Takeaways -  Put some time into considering and researching:

  • Target market
  • Keywords
  • Pricing 
  • Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return Policy
  • Shipping resources

Donato reviews some details around using Shopify...

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How to Find Your Documents in a Flash

Katelyn Patton
The High Performance Office

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Getting organized is one thing. Staying organized is quite another. Katelyn Patton is an organizational systems expert who designs systems that eliminate chaos and increase profits in your business.

My Top Takeaways:

  • Create only a few main folders from which you can then create subfolders.
  • Use a naming convention that is intuitive to how your brain works
  • Time management is the reward to putting these tips...
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Rise Above Noise - Your Online Presence

She's Local Lunchtime Boost


I was beyond excited to be a guest on the She's Local Lunchtime Boost series.

I'll let you in on a secret.  Want to know what gives me the most joy in a session such as this Zoom session?

In gallery view....I can see everyone's face right on one screen.  

I see the faces relax when I say something like "You can let that go".

I see shoulders relax when I say  "Don't sell - GIVE".

I see eyes shine when...

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Facebook Groups and Relationship Building :: Nilu Kamiss


Nilu Kamiss
Facebook Group Growth & Sales For Tribe Builders

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Nilu talks to us about how to use FB groups to take your business relationship-building to the next level. 

  • Advantages of using a group vs. a Business Page.
  • Number one mistake group owners are making
  • How to up your engagement so you can build rapport

I think you will really enjoy this conversation with Nilu Kamiss.
She is an expert in growing relationships and audiences through...

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What's Your (Marketing) Type? :: Christina Frei

Christina Frei
Innate Marketing Genius

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Christina tells us: Your Innate Marketing Genius archetype is the way you come alive in service to others.

Are you

  • A Nurturer?
  • An Adventure Guide?
  • Door Opener?
  • Steady Presence?
  • Celebrator?

Simply knowing your type will focus your marketing immediately.

Christina tells us that there is a way to be authentic in how you connect with prospects.

The Innate Marketing Genius system teaches you how to trust your...

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Being a Connector- Building Community

Lighten Up with The Declutterista Podcast
Becky Bast and Susan Finn

The episode where, Becky Bast, The Declutterista confesses her Winnie the Pooh play meltdown. She also seeks organizing tips from her naturally organized sister including baskets and clear bin usage.

Becky chats with Susan Finn about being a connector, her calm superpower, and her journey from Food Scientist to tote bag maker to digital strategist. Along the way, she also saw a need for mom business owners to connect and...

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