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Creating New Possibilities: Experimenting With Energy

video May 23, 2023

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When we SHOW UP - honestly, truly, as ourselves - the energy shifts.

Now - more than ever - our world needs transformation creators to show up - to guide others - to help create the shift we all need.

(pssst: showing up = marketing)

In today's Rise Above Noise episode, Susan Finn and Heather Maguire discuss using Energy Experiments to help your ease and flow in your business growth.

Energy experiments are an intentional shift in the way you think about and relate to the challenges in your life. They invite you to detach and observe a situation instead of reacting to or avoiding it.

When you do, you become more mindful, resourceful, and very often surprising new opportunities materialize. 

Your Takeaways

1. How to think about the challenges in your business as places for experimentation

2. How to observe the results of your experimentation

3. How experimenting opens your awareness to new understanding and new possibilities


🤓 Susan's Favorite Nuggets:

~ "If it was possible that I know enough now, what would I do?"

~  Out of judgment and into possibility

~  Put VALUE to your INTUITION

~ Facts and reason can be external, stay within... Look for the "Knowing" as your own guidance.


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