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Join Me By The Virtual Campfire with Tony Martignetti

video Sep 01, 2020


Recently, Tony Martignetti and I had an opportunity to record a podcast together. 

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.... Tony's voice and presence are like having warm cookies right out of the oven.  He's comforting, solid, and easy to digest.

In this interview, I get to talk about some of the flashpoints in my life that ultimately led me to start my digital marketing journey.  I get to share my story of how my mom's accident and need for full-time care paved the way for me to realize the benefits of networking.

I am thrilled to share the insights I've gained over the years while working with heart-centered entrepreneurs. I share how you can focus on doing what you love without paying attention to the noise around you. 

During our time together, I talked to Tony about tips on how you, as an entrepreneur, can make your content easier to share. 

Tony Martignetti is the founder of Inspired Purpose Coaching, where he navigates leader through change and is creating inspiration through honest conversation. 


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