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If you’re overwhelmed trying to do your own digital marketing, join us to learn the steps to grow ‘beyond word of mouth’.

Attract and retain more clients.

Save time, avoid frustration, and reduce costs -
here in a compassionate & supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs!

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Your Membership Includes

Private Get-Started Session with Susan

I'll give you a personalized tour of you Rise Together Membership Platform.

We will review your current digital marketing platforms to get you set up with your first goals.


Weekly Live Focus Meetings

  • Each week brings a topic, tip, strategy, or expert to guide you to your next level of business growth. Bring your digital marketing questions to this weekly Live Q & A. 
  • Our business community will connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs and support for your business.
  • Attend as many (or as few) sessions as you'd like - We vary times to make sure everyone's schedule is addressed.

The Rise Together Private Facebook Community

  • Tips and prompts to keep you 'in-the-game'.  Momentum is key.
  • Get connected with like-minded entrepreneurs and support for your business.

Monthly Implementation Sessions

  • These are facilitated 2-hour blocks of uninterrupted time to implement as a community. We create a space with zero distractions so that you can work on getting 'it' done! 
  • Schedule your "Deep Work". Get so much more done than by yourself. 
  • I am available online for a private chat if you need help with a project.

Goal Setting and Accountability

  • No more procrastination. You'll implement more each day.
  • You can connect with a business-builder in our group who will firmly but kindly keep you focused and accountable.
  • The Rise Together weekly prompts will help you both stay totally focused.

The Rise Together Resource Library

Access our growing video library of featured experts speaking on topics specifically designed to help professionals.

Categories include time-management, goal-setting, systems creation, mindset & emotional intelligence, technology, goal setting & success. 

Whether you need help breaking through a mindset challenge or getting help with your marketing, you can find it here.

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Listen to what our members are saying

Rita Bielka, The Happy Catalyst, Shares her experience as a member of the Rise Together Community.

Andrea Kukulka, The Healing Medium shares her experience as a member of the Rise Together Community.

What others have experienced.....

Susan Finn is the ultimate connector and has a special gift of bringing a community of like-minded business go-getters together.
Susan holds us accountable to create goals and set intentions.

Rachel Kaczynski
Healthy Chicks Spark Your Bliss

I no longer feel frantic because I have systems in place. I’m not getting sucked into social media. 
I have a better understanding of what to focus on and improve for my messaging.

Devon Grilly
Rock The Pivot

The group relationship was very supportive. I enjoyed sharing each others' successes and challenges as we grow and gain support from each other. I took baby steps to apply what I learned to be able to reach more clients and team members.

Wendy Juergens
Wellness Consultant


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