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Visibility = Opportunity:: Bobbie Carlton

video Aug 13, 2020

With Bobbie Carlton
Innovation Women

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Bobbie Carlton has built her business(es) around creating opportunities for businesses and business owners to increase their visibility, grow their influence, attract more business.


My Takeaways:

  • Tell a story - bring your audience closer to you and who you are.
  • How can you help the audience see things in a new way? Can you have the audience leave saying, “Oh, I never thought of that! I’m going to try that!”
  • Think you’re terrified to speak?  Instead of thinking that you’re scared or nervous - flip the script and recognize that you’re excited. 
  • Be prepared.  Refine your talk, practice your talk.  Practice more.
  • Make sure to prepare your digital assets ahead of time to build connections with your audience members


Why Public Speaking?


  • Public speaking helps build your brand. By getting your name and your business name out there in the community at speaking events, you help to build awareness for your business.
  • It builds your reputation as an expert. When people hear you speak as an authority, they believe you’re an expert in your industry. This can help boost your reputation among potential customers and clients.
  • It grows your confidence and your sales skills. The more you speak, the more confidence you’ll gain, until eventually, you’ll feel comfortable talking to just about anyone.


As I mention at the beginning of our conversation, the speaking portion of all of this is really just a part of the “speaking to attract business” puzzle.  You’ll want to make sure to have all the digital marketing “things” in place before and after the actual speaking event:


Before the Event:

  • Website: Make sure your website is updated so that people can learn more about you before your talk. 
  • Arrange a Recording: Set up ahead of time for someone to record you so that you can use the talk - or clips of the talk - in your marketing materials
  • Handouts: If you are offering a worksheet, the slides, a printed coupon - have these printed ahead of time.
  • Research: Will there be other speakers at the event? Search for them on the internet to learn more about them. Sign up for any of their newsletters/socials (if they align) This will make it easier to interact and begin relationship growing.
  • Lead Magnet/ Email List Growth Opportunity: Set up a yummy gift/resource that your audience can take advantage of.  You might simply offer to send your slide deck.  However you can get folks to opt-in to your email list.  MAKE SURE you have a welcome email ready to go.  


After the Event:


  • Send the Welcome Email: Add the new names to your new list and send the “Thank you for attending..... Here’s what I promised you........Here’s where to schedule a call with me” email you created ahead of time


  • Who Was There?: You might consider reviewing the list of attendees/new subscribers to learn more about them.  If appropriate, reach out to them personally via email, LinkedIn or other means.
  • Remind Them:  About a week or so after the welcome email, set up to have another email go out to attendees to remind them about the main nugget you offered during your talk. Give them another actionable tip. And....of course, invite them to have a call with you. 


Innovation women ( is a fantastic resource for women in all industries to learn, connect and grow.  There are boatloads of free resources.  It’s only $100/year to join - but you can use the code mentioned in the video to receive a $25 discount! 


Do you have speaking opportunities coming up?

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