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Innovate Your Vision:: Petra Contrada

video Aug 21, 2020

Petra Contrada
Thrive and Win

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As I began chatting with Petra Contrada of Thrive to Win in Life and Business, we focused on the power of messaging.  These days with short attention spans and a million distractions, it’s more important than ever to communicate with focus and power.

This month, in the Rise Together membership group, we’ve been taking a deep dive into Donald Miller’s book, Marketing Made Simple.  It’s a wonderful, step-by-step guide book for pulling together your business messaging with clarity, simplicity, and effectiveness. 


So, this week, I share some insights into creating your “One-Liner”.

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A one-liner is a concise statement you can use to clearly explain what you offer. The one-liner is composed of three parts- the problem, the solution, and the results. The problem is the hook. Stating the problem adds value to your products. Name only one problem.
We are all in business because we provide a solution to a problem. Don’t overthink the solution component of your one-liner. The solution is the easiest part. It’s your product.
The third part of your one-liner should release all of the tension you create in the first section.

You want that result to be tangible. Make it something they can feel.
Here’s a link for you to access the worksheet guide I mention in the video so you can create your own one-liner.

Learn more here about the Rise Together Membership Community.


It was truly wonderful to reconnect with my friend, Petra Contrada.  We’d met years ago at Boldheart conferences and have been feeding on each other’s energy ever since.  Petra is “The Queen of Change”. When you listen to her tell some of her story, you’ll be amazed at how she’s been able to navigate, succeed, and thrive through so many road bends in her life.  Petra is now committed to taking female entrepreneurs on their own journey of clarity, vision, making the right choices, commitment, and courage.

My top takeaways:

  • Energy and Focus.    We don’t lack time....we need more self-mastery
  • Time management is not a thing.  Practice “Active Distractive Defense”
  • We need to have multi-dimensional strategies to build up our selves to be ready to conquer the show up in service of those we are meant to guide.
  • Stay on track. Leverage your strengths to get stuff done.


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