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Connecting the Wellness World: Bonney Fiorito

video Aug 27, 2020

Bonney Fiorito
About the Journey

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This week’s digital marketing tip: 

Show up - Make it EASY for folks to take the next step closer to you.
The service-based professionals I work with are making real and lasting changes in their world.  The resources they offer, the work they do, the support they offer can be life-changing for the right person. And, that person could, at this very moment, be searching for you and what you are offering.

So....that said....growing your email list allows you to reach more of the exact people who are interested in learning more about what pain points you can solve for them.  Each interaction is an opportunity to bring your potential clients one step closer to you.  The best way to grow your list is to create a lead generator ( freebie, irresistible free offer, lead magnet) - something very compelling....maybe even a bit of an agitation point.....something a bit out of the ordinary.  The folks who are searching for you will recognize themselves in the pain points you promise to address in your offering. 


This step requires you to ACKNOWLEDGE and OWN the fact that  YOU have something to offer the world.

Someone out in the world right now is already looking for what you offer.

Need some ideas on what to offer for your lead magnet? 
Download this quick guide.


Ready to take your email marketing and other digital assets to the next level?  I currently have space for two one-to-one clients.  We will also be opening the Rise Together Community up for new members beginning 9/15/20. Curious about either?  Let’s hop on a quick call to talk about your own journey.



Today’s guest is Bonney Fiorito, the Founder of About the Journey In 2018, Bonney was inspired to exit the corporate world to pursue her lifelong dream of entrepreneurship. The seed for About the Journey had been planted a year earlier when she was burned out and in need of a weekend stress-reduction retreat. Finding such respite proved to be fruitless, due to the amount of time needed to search for the right retreat, in the right location, at the right time. Combining this experience with her background in online travel, created the vision for About the Journey, a one-stop-shop for finding everyday wellness services, classes, retreats, and workshops.


Key takeaways from today’s talk:

  • When you’ve got a vision... Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of progress.  Perfect is not a thing.  Let the vision come out strong.  You can always fix things later.
  • Our success is not about’s about how our word resonates with our community. It’s up to us, as entrepreneurs and service providers to keep the connections strong.


Interested in claiming a listing? Go to the "Wellness Professionals" Tab on


My personal takeaway is that there are so many amazing women in our community doing amazing work.  They’re digging deep to make important changes in our world.  I am grateful, every day, to be in a world where I get to meet and grow with these change-makers.


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