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Increase Your Visibility With Podcasts:: Patricia Raskin

video Sep 24, 2020

Patricia Raskin
Positive Media Pioneer

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The key to retaining clients is having the “know, like, and trust” factor.

Patricia Raskin, ”positive media” pioneer, and I talk about the benefits of having a podcast.

  •  Low barrier to entry. It's relatively easy...there are many platforms to use. ( is one).

  •  You offer listeners easy access to you...helps you grow Know Like Trust. It's can share your backstory...let your listeners in.

  • Drives traffic to your website (more details in our free webinar 9/30)

  • Expands your network. You get your own bird's eye view into the personalities of amazing people.

  •  Content is KING! Find a hook.... what makes you different? Why should people listen to YOU? What makes you different? Knowledge? Style, Guests? Personality? Your people will find YOU as long as you show up within your zone of genius.


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Patricia helps people with their content, style, and the elements to make a successful podcast.

 A free 30-minute consultation with Patricia: [email protected]

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