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How to Find Your Documents in a Flash

video May 29, 2020

Katelyn Patton
The High Performance Office

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Getting organized is one thing. Staying organized is quite another. Katelyn Patton is an organizational systems expert who designs systems that eliminate chaos and increase profits in your business.

My Top Takeaways:

  • Create only a few main folders from which you can then create subfolders.
  • Use a naming convention that is intuitive to how your brain works
  • Time management is the reward to putting these tips into play.

Here are some of the other nuggets I took from this conversation:

  • Chunk the time to do this if it's going to be a project. Spend 15-20 minutes at a time to start this process. The best part is that if you start just by creating the folders - going forward, you'll pop your files directly into the appropriate folders using the appropriate naming convention to save so so so much time later.
  • How does your own brain work? Create a naming structure so you can use the search bar to find what you're looking for. 

Katelyn's free download: "5 Steps to Reaching Inbox Zero" 

When you watch the video - at first, you'll hear me go-off on Weebly!

My digital marketing tip of the week is “stick with it!”

I relay a story of dealing with a new website issue which was giving us quite the runaround. If we hadn’t stuck with it and kept poking the representatives at Weebly to find and fix the issue….we never would have had our store up and running!

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