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Riches Are in The Niches:: Dani Whitestone

video Jul 09, 2020

Dani Whitestone 
Women's Small Business & Leadership Network

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Are you networking and marketing like crazy but not gaining any traction in your business? It can feel counterintuitive as small business owners to try to talk to fewer people, but that's where the magic happens!

There's a reason why the phrase "the riches are in the niches" exists. 

Today, we talk about how to harness its power for your small business!


How to figure out if your niche is viable......

  1. Does it give you personal fulfillment?
  2. Will it bring profit?
  3. Does it bring value to the market

Rate each of these on a scale from 1-10 to identify the viability of your intended niche.


When you find your niche, you will also find your voice - a language -  to use that tunes right into the person you are speaking to.

(Anyone remember dial radios?  Kiss108 FM? Dale Dorman?) 


You will be viewed as “The Expert” in your area.  Using that language in your digital/online presence ‘tunes’ people into your message.  

Whether you are using the ‘keywords’ in your online listing descriptions, posting stories on your website or blog, sharing them on social media, or in your email conversations, speaking directly to your niche....your ideal client avatar.....validates your position as someone who understands her and has the skills and tools to solve the challenges she’s facing. 


People will always drive that extra mile, spend a few extra $$ to work with that person they see as the “Go-To” in their field.


Remember - you don’t have to stay in that lane forever....but you need to pick a lane to know where you’re going.


Find more about Dani and the Women's Small Business and Leadership Network at

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