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Starting Points for Selling Online

video Jun 11, 2020

Donato Dandreo
Compete Now

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Starting Points for Selling Online: Donato Dandreo

Today, we get to learn about using the internet to sell your products with Donato Dandreo, Wordpress website designer and owner of CompeteNow

Key Takeaways -  Put some time into considering and researching:

  • Target market
  • Keywords
  • Pricing 
  • Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return Policy
  • Shipping resources

Donato reviews some details around using Shopify as a website vs. adding WooCommerce as a plug-in to an existing site.  He also touches upon a few of the other sites that people are getting started with such as Wix and Weebly.


One of my ‘to-do’s based upon Donato’s talk is to review the Shopify blog article: Need a Roadmap? Here's How to Write a Business Plan You'll Actually Use


I’ve worked with Donato on a number of projects for quite some time - I’ll be happy to talk with you about how you can make the most of creating your website with a seasoned website expert. Schedule a call with me. (

In my digital marketing tip this week:


Using emojis in your email subject lines. Yay or Nay?-

I offer some insights and best practices on using 🌟 Emojis in subject lines for emails.  🌟


The inbox is a busy place and many people are reading emails on mobile. That means your subject line and preheader text needs to be short and sweet. People are scanning their inbox and making quick decisions so you need to get the point across and catch their attention right away.


Give people a reason to open your email. Pique curiosity, show your email’s relevance to them.


If you have a good subject line, adding a good supporting emoji can make the subject line even better. But if your subject line is already bad with common spam filtering triggers, adding an emoji can only make it worse. 


One study I’ve seen shows emojis increase the open rate of 60% of the time versus the same subject line with no emoji.


Emojis can help you stand out in the inbox and help you convey an emotion or feeling. So definitely something to try.

Now, it’s important to know that emojis will not work for every business or industry or even every email you send. You may find that your audience doesn’t understand them or they just don’t work with your messages.

Let me know if you have any questions about email subject lines. Honestly, I could talk about email all day long.


 Hop on my calendar for a chat.

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