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Embracing Your Joy: Beth Newberry

video Jun 25, 2020

Beth Newberry: 
Embracing Your Joy

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Beth Newberry of Joy is Everywhere and I talk about the absolute necessity to train your self to consider the joy in everyday things. 


Positivity and Gratitude become a practice for everyday living.

Some top takeaways:

~ Surround yourself with people who lift you up

~ Take some time each day to write down and acknowledge what you are grateful for.

~  Limit the negative - and the FOMO-inducing - media.


Beth invites you to join the public Joy is Everywhere! Facebook group:

In business, you'll want to surround yourself with positive people - with people who push you to be your best - who consistently take you to the next best level of yourself. 

Within our Rise Together Membership community, we've found that the "accountability' activities - starting with the "wins' raise the vibration, and reminds us as business owners that we actually do more....get more done....than we often give ourselves credit for. 

Having an accountability partner to check in with each day keeps us in that Joyful path towards our own success.   


Learn more about the Rise Together Membership - offering digital marketing support, accountability, resources, and more:


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