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video May 27, 2020

She's Local Lunchtime Boost


I was beyond excited to be a guest on the She's Local Lunchtime Boost series.

I'll let you in on a secret.  Want to know what gives me the most joy in a session such as this Zoom session?

In gallery view....I can see everyone's face right on one screen.  

I see the faces relax when I say something like "You can let that go".

I see shoulders relax when I say  "Don't sell - GIVE".

I see eyes shine when I say "Someone right now is looking for exactly what you have to offer" 

There is a visible reaction to creating a mindset shift away from "Marketing is Selly" to "Marketing is Generous"

Thinking about nurturing contacts through sequences of well-thought-out, generous offerings in the form of emails, downloads, or social posts helps both sides of this story.

The potential client becomes educated about the possible solutions to the problems they are having. 


You - as the service provider - have the opportunity to do strategic thinking, planning, creating  - and giving - in a way that feels supportive to your own goals.

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to this episode.

I'd love to know what your takeaway is from this discussion.

Let's talk more about this, too.

Schedule your free 20-minute call with me..... I'd love to learn about your own special superpower.

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