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Why Does Your SUPERPOWER Matter to Your Clients?

As an fact, as a service-based professional, one of the most valuable lessons that can be learned is that we all have our unique superpowers.

What I mean by that is that each one of us has certain things we’re exceptionally good at and have endless energy for.

Ugh....but way too often we don't give our superpowers enough attention. We get caught up in the idea that we need to be good at everything.  

What I'm learning more and more these days, is that when you do discover your "superpower" or your "unique ability" - then, to be 'in flow'  - you will want to find the business activities that help you make the most of that power, build your business strategies around that. 

What's a unique trait you have? What's something you do without effort or hesitation that can benefit you or help other people?

What do you love to do and do best? 

It turns out that your superpower is your UVP - Unique Value Proposition. 

Do You Know Your Superpower?

No worries if you haven't thought too much about this yet. But let me offer a few questions to get you on the path to discover your superpower:

  • What’s a unique trait that you have?
  • What’s something you do without effort or hesitation?
  • What’s the thing you can offer other people that will help them?

The reason it’s incredibly valuable to know your specific superpower is so you can use it to your advantage. 

These days, my clients are using their superpowers to create lead generators and email welcome nurture sequences that identify their strengths as they create content for their self-identified audience. They are showing up, offering value, nurturing and converting clients.....within their own 'zone of genius"

This week, in the Rise Above Noise Facebook group, our community is leaning into identifying which of our superpowers lends itself to strengthening our value in the work we do.  Here are a few of the comments we've spotlighted: 

My own Superpower is - always has been:
It guided me through raising 4+ kids while caring for my mom and running 2 small businesses.
It was my go-to in times of personal stress.
It's the cape I wear when working with my clients - I wrap that "CALM" around myself and my clients so we can journey through tech issues, glitches, how-tos, and deadlines with grace and success. 
Chris Vasiliadis, Priority Wellness
I use it in my work by:
- removing all distractions before a client session,
- centering myself in the present moment, and
- listening with my ears, eyes, and intuition during a session, setting aside judgments, assumptions, and biases, to best hear, see and serve my clients.
The minute someone says they want to do something, I start thinking about how to get it done.
My greatest joy is connecting women, small business owners, to the education, support, and resources they need to make their businesses thrive. When these women and small businesses thrive, it lifts the energy of their community and the world.
Nilu Kamiss, Tribe Central 
Listen without judgment and empathy.
I use this in my business every single day when I interact with my tribe to find ways to support their growth.
Krista Russo Gordon, Tranquil Little One
Problem-solving or connecting the dots!
I often can connect or see what others can’t, it helps me work with my clients every day!!
Judi McLaughlin Collier, Judi 411 Copywriting
You can tell me the deepest, darkest secret and I won’t tell a soul. In fact, I like to say I won’t even talk to myself about it
Lisa Schuman Shapiro, Computer repair and education 
Listening and finding solutions.
Computers and technology are frustrating for the user if something changes or goes wrong. Anxiety and loss of control also surface. We solve the problems and help the user get back to being productive
Heather Kilgore, Kilgore Associates
to understand and with curiosity. Helping someone think, process/work through the weeds to get to a solution or way to move forward
Stacey Hamwey Shipman, Engage The Room
1) Asking questions that get at the heart of an issue.
2) Making people comfortable in uncomfortable settings.
Speaking, networking, facilitating - whatever feels awkward - can feel natural if you drop what's holding you back.
Seeing people’s true selves, and meeting them where they are on an emotional level to facilitate labeling, processing, and integrating those emotions. We guide Lightworkers, healers, and coaches to find clarity and confidence taking the next practical steps on their energetic expansion.
The power of your network can help you get more business.
Gaelen Abt, The Style Sherpa
Supporting and inspiring others.
Conscious Dressing teaches you how to use your clothing as tools to support you in feeling more confident, motivated, relaxed, joyful, powerful.
Alicia Mastrangelo,  Live It Love It Wellness
It's absolutely key in my work as a Reiki Master/Teacher
Valerie Vigoda, Valrose Solutions
Helping people uncover their blind spots that often hold them back.
In life coaching, we set goals sp the chances of success increase dramatically.
Andrea Kukulka, Illumination Healing Center
I have a way of being able to gently and lovingly make people feel safe enough to let go and allow themselves to sink into earth energy and become completely grounded. I do this both in daily life and in my work.
Anastasia Galanopoulos, Get New Perspective
I reflect my observations back to my clients and help them to see with new eyes, so they can ask the right questions, and uncover the wisdom they already carry.

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