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Mothers Day Marketing

email marketing Apr 14, 2021

I am sort of a Grinch.- or maybe, better stated, a holiday questioner.

 Valentines Day, Siblings Day, Puppy Day…. I don’t buy into running to the store to purchase over-priced cards, boxes of cheap chocolate, or squeaky toys because of someone else’s idea of a marketing opportunity.

But…..We do have Mother’s Day coming up….and that leaves me to consider….

Is Mother’s Day a “Hallmark holiday”?

I’ll leave that to you to mull over, but today, I’ll spend some time in my professional capacity as a digital marketing strategist and offer you some thoughts about why you probably should market for Mother’s Day.

According to a recent article by Constant Contact, traditionally, Mother’s Day business was thought to be the primary domain of flower and card shops, with social outings as a solid third choice for favorite gifts. But now, with Covid restrictions, gifts such as housewares, books, CDs, and electronics rose in popularity. And, there’s no reason to believe that trend won’t continue this year as more people are trying to find ways to connect and reasons to celebrate as “two weeks” has turned into over a year.

If you’re not in a common "Mother’s Day" industry, you’re probably wondering what you can do to market your business for the day. Honestly, it’s going to take some brainstorming for your particular niche. But, I’ll share these ideas to get you started: 

More Mother’s Day marketing ideas by industry

  • Fitness, Health & Wellness — To position your fitness and wellness offerings as a great gift for Mother’s Day, promote that you offer child care in your facility, or suggest a gift of online yoga or meditation classes (especially if you have a class that allows for mother and child to practice together). If you offer self-care services like facials or body rejuvenation, think about putting together a special Mother’s Day package that people can purchase as a gift.
  • Artists, Writers, & Performers — Think about offering a custom portrait sitting, writing a life story, or doing a private live stream performance or special recording of “Mom’s favorite song.” As a creative, the possibilities are endless. 
  • Home Services & Construction — Think about enticing customers to have work done on their mother’s or grandmother’s house. Think, “This Mother’s Day, give a gift that really makes a difference.” Then mention your service and offer a free quote and maybe a discount for scheduling the work or putting down a deposit. Seriously, what mom wouldn’t appreciate getting their house painted, their bathroom or kitchen remodeled, or a custom closet built just for them? And if you’re in the cleaning business, entice customers to give the women in their lives a day off by having the house cleaned for them.
  • Child daycare services — Depending on what you offer now, you may entice fathers to opt into special after-hours care so they can take their wife out for the holiday. Or provide an add-on option for a take-home Mother’s Day gift that the kids can make at your facility.
  • Repair & Maintenance — If you own an auto repair shop, think about how you can entice people to “take care of the women they love by making sure she’s safe when on the road” and offer things like a free inspection or brake check, with discounts on repair services.
  • Technology services — While Mother’s Day may seem way out of your wheelhouse, think about what services you might want to add just for the occasion. Do you normally teach people how to use their computers? Maybe offer a special class or one-on-one session to teach grandma how to use her new cell phone or laptop. If you offer repair services, think about offering discounted services or special “Moms only” computer check-ups.

(source: Constant Contact)

Hopefully, this list gives you a variety of new ideas and gets your creative juices flowing.

So, you might not have thought about Mother’s Day marketing as something that applies to your business, but, I would suggest that it’s really about how you position yourself, your products, or your services.

Ok…so what about digital marketing for Mother’s Day?

Well, if you’ve gone ahead and decided what you want to offer, of course, I’m going to tell you that it’s important to set up a plan of action for your marketing. Be sure that you’re figuring out how to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Email is a great place to start. Remember, every person on your list either has a mother or knows a mother. So that means that your mission is to make sure that you’re clear about what you’re offering for Mother’s Day. Be even more clear about how they can get it, either for themselves or for the special mothers in their lives. 

Mother’s Day Email Templates

Did you know that as a Constant Contact customer, you have access to a variety of free Mother’s Day email templates?

Here are some of the ones I just found in the Templates section of my Constant Contact account.   You can hop into your dashboard and find dozens more fun “Plug and Play” templates to try out today.

I hope you've been inspired to reach out to your contacts in the upcoming weeks to connect over a holiday no one can really hate.  I think that you'll find that you'll be opening yourself and your business up to new possibilities and that you also are creating the potential to grow your business in ways you might not have thought of before now.

And...on top of that....when you reach out with this opportunity to inform and delight your target market, you might even end up attracting two new customers — the person who bought the gift from you and the mom who ended up receiving it. Just one more reason why you can’t afford to miss out on Mother’s Day business.

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