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Transforming Lives Through Writing

video Mar 26, 2020

Rochelle Melander
Write Now!


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Top Takeaways:

  • Keeping a running list of FAQs helps organize your thoughts
  • Your story can serve a larger purpose - Tell it!
  •  It can be amazing to realize that your words have gone beyond you to help other people

First off...... I share Part 1 of my series on how to use FAQs to figure out what content to share about you, your business, your services or products.

Then, I think you will enjoy the conversation with Rochelle Melander of Write Now!.

We chat about how Rochelle uses writing to manage anxiety and achieve her goals. She offers tips on how writers can use writing to transform their lives.

We talk about:

  • Using a morning mindset routine to get the day started.
  • Gratitudes
  • Intentions with a Daily and a Fast Forward Vision
  • Incantation (Affirmation)

We get pretty far into the idea of using your stories in long-form Facebook posts - how that helps to inform your clients and prospects, but also, how it has the ability to boost your visibility on Facebook. ( algorithms, my friend)

Rochelle tells us that we can often avoid anxiety if we get connected to our purpose. If we can realize that the story we are telling, can serve someone - that it can help someone overcome a situation.

When Rochelle talks about writing to transform... she points out that writing has the power to transform your life. But to consider that your story, how you've transformed your life has the power to also transform other people's lives.

** That's really an amazing experience to realize that your words have gone beyond you to help other people. **

Tune in at around minute 17:00 -
Rochelle begins to guide us on how to break down a huge, unseemly book project into simple strategies.

  • ~ Topic
  • ~ Categories
  • ~ Subjects
  • ~ One paragraph a day.
  • ~ You got this.


Rochelle is happy to offer a free subscription to her tips and the book, Write Your Book This Year.
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