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Email: Direct, Targeted, Reliable

By now, you know that growing your own engaged email subscriber list is a top priority for your service-based business.

That's because it provides you with a direct, targeted, and reliable way to communicate with your audience.

You get to build trust, drive sales, and maintain control over your marketing efforts.

This is how you gain new clients and customers.

This is how your business grows.

1: Direct Communication
Having an engaged email list means you have a direct line of...

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Practical AI. Use It. But Don't Lose YOU :: Donna Cravotta

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~ Learning about how Generative AI works in an easy-to-understand format
~ A few tools and strategies to get started
~ A process for keeping things simple

My Favorite Nuggets:

~ Listening is the most overlooked strategy for creating content that attracts your best clients. Listen everywhere to figure out where you fit into the landscape. You've got to figure out where. you fit so you can create content that is specific to someONE. When you...

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Unmasking AI for Heart-Driven Entrepreneurs :: RJ Redden

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As heart-driven entrepreneurs, now, more than ever, we need to find ways that we can continue to 'show up" (that's marketing, my friend) with consistency and generosity for those who we can support. It does no one any good to keep yourself a secret by avoiding marketing.

Alas, the struggle is real.

How can we create authentic, valuable content that spotlights our zone of genius without spending hours and hours coming up with the words?

We are all...

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Engagement Matters




What to post next?








No engagement?

No wonder!


Here are 6 great reasons why you are going to want to focus more on engagement than simply posting on social media.

1: Engagement is a key indicator of success on social media

When more people engage with you and your content and your comments, it ends up pushing your account out to others. (It's an algorithm thing) When people engage with your content, it...

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Baseball, Business, and the "Yips"

Hitting .400 as an average for an MLB season is quite the feat

In fact, no qualified hitter has done it since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941.

Many have tried in that span, but none has succeeded.

In 1977, Rod Carew led the AL with a .388 average. His average was the highest in baseball since Ted Williams
Nomar Garciaparra hit .372 for Boston in 2000. (91 games)
Wade Boggs hit .357 in 1986 with the Red Sox (54 games)
In 1980, George Brett finished his season at .390 for Kansas City. 1980...
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Value-Based Marketing - What, How, and Why?

A value proposition statement is important for coaches and consultants because it clearly communicates the unique value and benefits that you can provide to your potential clients.

It's going to help your potential clients understand how your services can help them achieve their goals and how they will benefit from working with you.

Additionally, a well-crafted value proposition statement can help you differentiate yourself from other coaches and consultants in order to...

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Joy and Consistency in Marketing - Get More Clients

Jennifer welcomed me into her beautiful home.  I was greeted by her sweet cat as I walked by the oversized cobalt blue planters overflowing with the lush growth of early summer.  We caught up on what our kids are all up to, what plans we had for the rest of the summer, and the new and exciting happenings at the SheBreathes Balance and Wellness Collaborative.

Then - we took the stairway to the lower level.  I took a moment to marvel at all of the incredible music and celebrity...

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September 2021 Marketing and Holiday Planning

Don't hate me.... but, it's true.

Can you feel it? A slight change in the air. A crispness that you don’t remember being there a few days ago. Or maybe a shift in smells and sounds around you? 

It’s true. Autumn is coming. The first day of fall is September 22nd and it’s time to start talking about the holidays. Okay, maybe not all of the holidays — that’s for a different post. For now, let’s just talk about some September holidays and newsletter...

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They Only Care About the PROBLEM You Solve.

I just listened to a 6-minute jewel from Donald Miller on the Business Made Simple Podcast and couldn't wait to share it with you.  

The topic is: How to Discover the Specific Problem You Solve

Whether you are speaking to another person, creating a website, posting on social media, or sending emails...... 

No one will ever hire you unless they understand the problem you solve.

In this podcast, Donald Miller and Bobby Richards answer this question posed...

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May 2021 Marketing Ideas

 If April showers bring May flowers, then now is the time for your small business to bloom. But....wait! How can you take action to make sure your business is standing out to customers and apart from competitors? You can use creativity, your core values, and your mission statement into the content you create.

Make May the month you shake out what’s not working for you in your digital marketing programs and focus on authentically reaching your clients and customers with...

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