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They Only Care About the PROBLEM You Solve.

I just listened to a 6-minute jewel from Donald Miller on the Business Made Simple Podcast and couldn't wait to share it with you.  

The topic is: How to Discover the Specific Problem You Solve

Whether you are speaking to another person, creating a website, posting on social media, or sending emails...... 

No one will ever hire you unless they understand the problem you solve.

In this podcast, Donald Miller and Bobby Richards answer this question posed by one of their listeners:

"How can I differentiate myself as a mindfulness teacher? I'd like to find more clients that are ready to pay for my sessions. I am trying to figure out how to target my ideal client"

Some excerpts and takeaways:

"You have to define a problem, you know, I don't know what a mindfulness teacher does, but if you decrease anxiety, there's a market for that.
If you give people more self confidence, there's a market for that.
If you help people stop smoking, there's a market for that. 
If you help people, hypnotize them so they don't eat chocolate chip cookies.... one, give me your number. And two, there's a market for that."

"Really what he's asking is how do I position myself in the market so people want to pay the money?"

The only thing that people pay for is the solution to a problem. Often, we spend a lot of time talking about our solution and spend very little time talking about the problem.

And so what he needs is a lead generator that talks about whatever problem it is that he solves.

The second mistake that you can make is to make that problem so vague.

For instance, a 'lack of fulfillment', that doesn't really excite your customer to buy your product or services because they really don't know what problem you actually solve for them. 

You've got to be able to talk clearly about the everyday problems that you struggle with - For example, something like:

"You want to stop smoking. You want to stop being so irritable around your kids. You want your anxious monkey mind to stop running all the time so that you can be fully present at the dinner table. I'm a mindfulness coach I take you through some exercises and I teach you to do them at home, so you can be fully present."

You've got to use the language everybody else speaks.

Get specific. Hone down your message. Make it clear to your customers the problem that you solve.

Each and every day, I guide my clients to stay focused on the problems they solve.

People are already spending hours and hours on the internet....always lingering those extra few seconds on something that catches their eye that might solve something they've been thinking about:

  • Why am I so tired all the time?
  • Why can't I lose weight?
  • How can I get my baby to sleep?
  • What should I start in my garden this month?
  • Why are my chickens so darn cute?

(those last two were mine)

Your time is too valuable to spend hours creating content that is not working for you. Your job as a marketer (and- if you own your own business, my friend, you are, indeed a marketer) is to enlighten, educate, and engage those potential clients who are already out in the world searching for the answers to their own problems.

Lead generators are a perfect tool to help your ideal clients self-identify.....they'll raise their hand and request your 'freebie' that offers a quick win to help them towards their goal of solving their problem. As they continue to consume your content via emails or social, they'll become more knowledgeable about the problems you solve, and they'll be able to assess whether you are, indeed, the person they want to work with to solve their problem. 

They'll raise their hand again when they finally click that "schedule a call with me" button.  

That's what most of my clients use as their most important 'call-to-action".  

That's what I use, as well.

Schedule your free call with me today. 
Let's discuss how to identify and broadcast what problem it is that you solve. 


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