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Practical AI. Use It. But Don't Lose YOU :: Donna Cravotta

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~ Learning about how Generative AI works in an easy-to-understand format
~ A few tools and strategies to get started
~ A process for keeping things simple

My Favorite Nuggets:

~ Listening is the most overlooked strategy for creating content that attracts your best clients. Listen everywhere to figure out where you fit into the landscape. You've got to figure out where. you fit so you can create content that is specific to someONE. When you simply create content for the goal of creating content and without speaking to that ONE, you are wasting your time - talking to NO one. That's not good for your confidence.

~ YOU already have the answers. Understand what the work is that you're called to do. What do your ideal clients need? Do they even KNOW what they need? You might just need to make it clear to them that YOU know and HAVE what they need.

~ Remember - You're not looking for thousands of eyes at this point. You only really need to get 10-20 clients this year to get your footing. {Sigh of Relief here}

~ Generative AI can help you build content, social posts, presentations, talking points - but YOU will need to make sure that you find the ways to connect on the HUMAN level.

~ Teach AI your voice. Let AI repurpose your own content first. Ask it to turn some of your own content int X social posts or ask it to 'polish this piece up'.

~ Use AI to help you write an outline for a blog article or a series of articles.

~ It's your PROMPTING that is what drives the tool. You'll need to learn how to ask it better questions and how to refine the answer you generate.

~ Knowing what you want is the most important part of the prompt.


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