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The Heart of Email Marketing: The Power of Personalization

 In today's digital age, email marketing is STILL the cornerstone of successful business communication. 

If you’ve attended any of my free webinars, you’ve heard me cover some of the stats:

  • 91% of people check their email
  • Email gets delivered 90+% of the time (Facebook posts reach only about 2% of ‘fans’)
  • $44.25 is the average return for...
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Practical AI. Use It. But Don't Lose YOU :: Donna Cravotta

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~ Learning about how Generative AI works in an easy-to-understand format
~ A few tools and strategies to get started
~ A process for keeping things simple

My Favorite Nuggets:

~ Listening is the most overlooked strategy for creating content that attracts your best clients. Listen everywhere to figure out where you fit into the landscape. You've got to figure out where. you fit so you can create content that is specific to someONE. When you...

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Engagement Matters




What to post next?








No engagement?

No wonder!


Here are 6 great reasons why you are going to want to focus more on engagement than simply posting on social media.

1: Engagement is a key indicator of success on social media

When more people engage with you and your content and your comments, it ends up pushing your account out to others. (It's an algorithm thing) When people engage with your content, it...

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Balance for Entrepreneurs :: Christos Angelidakis

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Welcome to this episode of the Rise Above Noise Spotlight Series.

In each episode, I have the honor of shining a spotlight on somebody in the Rise Above Noise community who is making a real difference and helping others with their business growth.

I know how transformation creators (light workers, coaches, consultants) often feel OVERWHELMED and HELPLESS when trying to do ALL the things to grow their business.

That’s why I offer structure...

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Value-Based Marketing - What, How, and Why?

A value proposition statement is important for coaches and consultants because it clearly communicates the unique value and benefits that you can provide to your potential clients.

It's going to help your potential clients understand how your services can help them achieve their goals and how they will benefit from working with you.

Additionally, a well-crafted value proposition statement can help you differentiate yourself from other coaches and consultants in order to...

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Expression and Attraction :: Melissa Henry

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Do you ever feel like you’ve fallen out of love with your business?

Do the day-to-day tasks of being an entrepreneur drag you down?

Melissa has a unique way of creating brand stories with her clients. She helps them get clear on exactly what their content pillars will be so they show up as who they really are.

Can you visualize the ripple effect you could have in the world by being able to serve MORE clients with YOUR unique...

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Step By Step - With Joy

If we've been in conversation....

......... maybe we've been on a networking call or a coaching event.

.......... perhaps you attended one of my monthly webinars or watched a Rise Above Noise spotlight.

If we've spent that time together, you've likely heard me speak to the power of growing our business presence in a way that gives us joy.

If we are doing the thing that gives us joy AND helps us to show up (market), then it's more likely that we will be consistent with it.


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November Marketing and Holiday Planning

Ah, November.

Summer feels like a pleasant memory.

Just when fall has just begun, we start to get those winter and holiday pokes and prods — Anxiety sets in as we think about the 'things' we need to do to make sure we make the most of the winter months to grow our business. 

As you know, spending and donations increase significantly during the holiday season, presenting huge opportunities for small businesses and nonprofits. 

You may already know that it takes at least...

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Joy and Consistency in Marketing - Get More Clients

Jennifer welcomed me into her beautiful home.  I was greeted by her sweet cat as I walked by the oversized cobalt blue planters overflowing with the lush growth of early summer.  We caught up on what our kids are all up to, what plans we had for the rest of the summer, and the new and exciting happenings at the SheBreathes Balance and Wellness Collaborative.

Then - we took the stairway to the lower level.  I took a moment to marvel at all of the incredible music and celebrity...

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My Bucket is Full - (and a gift for you)

My Bucket is Full

I live with an attitude of gratitude - which makes my life feel abundant every, single day.
I am blessed with good health, strong community, loving family, and, oy, so many interests to keep my mind engaged.
The work I do to support my clients (all of them, transformation creators) sends ripples of good out into the world - That is my main motivation - my mission - my "Why". 
I appreciate you and the work you do in this world.
My wish for you...
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