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Step By Step - With Joy

authentic marketing Dec 08, 2022

If we've been in conversation....

......... maybe we've been on a networking call or a coaching event.

.......... perhaps you attended one of my monthly webinars or watched a Rise Above Noise spotlight.

If we've spent that time together, you've likely heard me speak to the power of growing our business presence in a way that gives us joy.

If we are doing the thing that gives us joy AND helps us to show up (market), then it's more likely that we will be consistent with it.


Recently, I was doing an audit of some of my systems and platforms to see if I needed to tweak anything when I realized......

Holy Cow! I've got over 110 interviews up on my YouTube "Conversations" playlist!


You KNOW that didn't happen overnight.

It really was not even my intent to build such a library.


My intent was to do what I love - consistently - build relationships -

and show up.

 Oh my goodness.....

 Topics include:

  • Marketing with Storytelling
  • Managing Business Cash Flow
  • When to Hire a Website Designer
  • Video to Multiply Your Impact
  • Creating Your "Pitch"
  • Stress Rescue
  • Active Listening
  • Make Every Contact Count
  • Daily Habits to Grow Your Business with Ease
  • and so, so, so many more.


I'd love to know which ones you listen to - and what you pick up from them.


I'm curious ......

What are you doing as a regular commitment to showing up that actually feels joyful to you?

That's really one of my favorite conversations to have with other business owners. It is so rewarding to brainstorm how they can bring more joy and flow into their marketing to be a magnet for those they are meant to serve.

Let's have that conversation.


Marketing - It's really all about Showing UP.  

The more your audience sees you show up, the more they understand who you are, what you do, how you help people, how to utilize your services, and how to refer you to others, the more they can recognize you as the person to help them move forward - or how to recommend you to others.


This season - DO THE THINGS that will help you SHOW UP.

Wondering where to start?

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