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Create Compelling Content: FAQs and Your Voice


Is this you? 

           "I never even know what to post about on my blogs and social media"
              “I’m a perfectionist. I keep getting stuck in my head and then, nothing actually gets written.”
Or - is THIS you?
               When I do finally sit down to write content,...

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I Had To Keep Stopping To Catch My Breath

If there's anything I love to do, it's to walk. and walk. and walk.
I was so excited that my kids and their partners had arranged a hike for the day after we arrived in Colorado for holiday celebrations.
I figured it'd be just another walk.
It was only a 4-mile loop to climb the trail on Lucy Mountain, so it'd be a breeze.
Oh, Man! Did I underestimate the effect of the altitude that day! I'd been in Colorado less than 24 hours, so, of course, my body was not ready to acclimate...
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My Bucket is Full - (and a gift for you)

My Bucket is Full

I live with an attitude of gratitude - which makes my life feel abundant every, single day.
I am blessed with good health, strong community, loving family, and, oy, so many interests to keep my mind engaged.
The work I do to support my clients (all of them, transformation creators) sends ripples of good out into the world - That is my main motivation - my mission - my "Why". 
I appreciate you and the work you do in this world.
My wish for you...
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Personal Relationships and Referrals

Rise Above Noise - Digital Marketing Strategy
Personal Relationships and Referrals

Matt Ward, The Breakthrough Champion, focuses on building stronger relationships, and how we can use them to connect with others. 

I was honored to be one of Matt's first podcast guests on the Mass Business Connections Podcast.

Here's a Partial Transcript of our conversation.

On setting up systems and sales conversations:

First of all, setting up processes has helped immensely - just having the scheduling calendar so that you’re not going back and forth and losing...

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Time to Check Your Social Profiles

I’m guessing it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed some of your online listings and social profiles. One thing to remember is that unless you have a fairly major website, your social networking profiles may be the first thing that comes up on Google searches, so you are well-served to review them to make sure they are accurately portraying you and the work you do.

I think it's helpful to start thinking of each of your social media profiles and other online listings...

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