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Create Compelling Content: FAQs and Your Voice


Is this you? 

           "I never even know what to post about on my blogs and social media"
              “I’m a perfectionist. I keep getting stuck in my head and then, nothing actually gets written.”
Or - is THIS you?
               When I do finally sit down to write content, that blank page overwhelms me. Then when I eventually get something down, it sounds all wrong and not like me at all.”


 In this presentation, Susan Finn, Digital Marketing Strategist, will show you how you can simply open up your voice recording app and begin to create content that consistently answers the questions your ideal clients are asking - with clarity, consistency - and, best of all - in a way that actually helps you show up as YOU.  Attract more clients by establishing yourself as the 'go-to'


Key Takeaways:

 ~ Establish yourself as a thought leader in your zone of genius.

~  Begin to create your content whenever and wherever you get an idea.

~  Increase website traffic, SEO, and client attraction using FAQs and your authentic brand.


Reasons to Use Voice to Create Your Content:

  1. Capture your thoughts 'on the fly'
  2. Keep the context and energy of your thoughts
  3. You'll sound more authentic
  4. You'll stay in momentum
  5. Make life easier for your team



Susan Finn guides transformation creators (coaches, consultants, light workers) who feel overwhelmed by 'marketing' to show up - with ease and flow - for those they are to serve. The Rise Above Noise roadmap helps her clients take the step-by-step actions necessary to attract their ideal clients (who are, actually, already looking for them!) and grow their businesses with authenticity and integrity.


It's quite easy to get started on your own path to calm and in-control. 
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