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I Had To Keep Stopping To Catch My Breath

If there's anything I love to do, it's to walk. and walk. and walk.
I was so excited that my kids and their partners had arranged a hike for the day after we arrived in Colorado for holiday celebrations.
I figured it'd be just another walk.
It was only a 4-mile loop to climb the trail on Lucy Mountain, so it'd be a breeze.
Oh, Man! Did I underestimate the effect of the altitude that day! I'd been in Colorado less than 24 hours, so, of course, my body was not ready to acclimate to taking in less oxygen per breath.
The trail started out fine....but as we got higher and higher, and the trail became steeper, I ended up having to stop - way too often - to catch my breath (or, as I told my kids, 'to enjoy the view from right here for a moment'). The last 1/4 mile or so was my favorite part, though. It was best traversed with hands, knees, and legs all at work to scramble over the boulders and tree trunks to arrive at the end of the trail and the most stunning view. (Our trail ended at an altitude of 9,770 ft)
This past month has been one of gratitude, reflection, and reassessment.
Just as I needed to stop every now and then when I was on my hike, I've used the month of December to do something similar.
I took a few steps ahead. Then, stopped to admire the view, recharge, move on.
I am grateful for a few more days of quiet and ease as the world slows down between the holidays.
I am also, very much, looking forward to continuing my journey with my clients. I am genuinely grateful to support transformation creators on their own journeys to show up fully and consistently so that they attract, nurture, and engage the folks who will benefit from the services they offer.
How about you, My Friend?
Did you take some time this month to catch your breath? To enjoy the view?
To look ahead to what is on its way?
Perhaps you've realized that it's time to put systems in place with your business that will offer you ease, flow - and yes, joy.
My clients have been so excited (and frankly, relieved) to create marketing flows -
welcome sequences, registration automations, bi-weekly emails -
that frees them up to show up in their own zone of genius
to better attract and serve their own clients.
Wondering how we did what we did?
I'd love to show you.

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