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What Lights You Up?


What part of the work that you do makes you simply feel so good about where you are on your journey?

When I have the opportunity to ask this question of my clients, I can actually SEE their whole energy change when they tell me what they love in their work.

On the flip side, when they tell me about their challenging areas (usually around tech), it's like the Dementors from Azkaban flew by and sucked their soul.

So, the quandary is - as business owners, how can we stay in that positive energy - how can we stay rooted in what lights us up - and still do 'the things' that we know we need to do in order to reach more people, grow our business?

I don't actually have one answer for you. I can only tell you what's worked for me and for some of my clients.

Do MORE of what you love - Find the THING that fits into your idea of FLOW - and let that inform the other tasks you know you need to do.

Here's my personal example of how I now LOVE my weekly commitment to content.....

Ever since I founded the Women's Business Network of SE MA, I've realized that my favorite, favorite, favorite thing to do is shine the spotlight on other entrepreneurs.

So I fashioned a system where I get to do that every week while also checking off 'the things' for business growth.

The weekly Rise Above Noise interview series gives me an opportunity to be generous with another biz owner by offering the spot. Then, I get to learn more about the guest so I can refer him/her to others - and deepen our relationship. The weekly interview literally ticks off my digital marketing checklist by creating content that is generous, valuable, and easy to digest.

That one interview gets shared:

  • On my website as a blog post.
  • On my Facebook Page as a video.
  • On my YouTube channel.
  • On LinkedIn.
  • On Google My Business
  • On any appropriate groups.
  • In my emails.

And, of course, my guest will share the blog post, as well.....significantly increasing the reach of that one piece.

So...I'm curious.....

What do you already love to do that could easily translate to a commitment to content?

What could you do to show up with consistency and generosity in your business?

Send me a note..... Tell me what you love - I'd be happy to reply to you to offer a tip or two on how to use your high-vibration activity to inform your own digital marketing and content strategy.

With much gratitude for you,


Make a commitment to sharing your gifts with consistency and generosity.

Schedule a discovery call with me today to brainstorm how to use that "thing that lights you up" as an asset in your business growth.


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