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6 Tips for Using Your Email List to Find Your Best Customers

You already know this....

The subscribers on your email list have already made the choice to be on your list.

They subscribed - they opted-in - because they wanted to learn more from you and about you and your business.

They’ve expressed interest in the products and services you offer, and many of them are likely opening, reading, and acting on your emails on a consistent basis.

In today's blog, I'm sharing how you can dig into your email list to use the information you already have available to identify the people who are most interested in your business. I'll show you how it can be easy to find great opportunities to strengthen your customer relationships.


Tip #1 - Check Your Email Opens

Who opens your emails the most?
Did you know that recent data shows that over 50% of all opens come from only 10 percent of your email openers! Now you know! These are the people who are most interested in what you have to say. These are the ones you can consider to have the potential to become happy evangelists for you and your business.
Next step.... Find out who these people are! Head into the 'reports' area of your email service provider. Check and see which contacts have opened the most campaigns recently. Start with these people. Who are they? What were the topics that got them to open?

Follow up with these ‘openers’. Send them additional information. Look to extend the relationship beyond the inbox. You'll be glad you did.


Tip #2 - Check your email "Click Throughs"

OK, so, you've explored your email reports and you've found out who is opening your emails the most. AHA - but, there's more! Now, go ahead and take a look at who the subscribers are who are most often clicking through to the content you put in your emails. It could be almost anything, a blog post, a new product or service, or a testimonial. Their 'click through' is a strong indication that he/she is taking a 'next step' in learning more about you.

When you know who your 'Clickers" are, consider reaching out to them with an online survey or a special offer. This offers them another micro-step in deepening their relationship with you and your brand. Also, if you choose a survey, you'll be able to learn more about what they’re most interested in so you can tailor more offers.


Tip #3 - Who's heading over to your website or social platforms?

Well, of course, you are including links to your website and social media accounts in your email campaigns (right?) you can go and check out who is clicking on those links. . These customers are likely interested in learning more about you or connecting with you through multiple channels.

Consider sending those folks some special message from you - or perhaps a piece of 'gated' content or a discount code. The goal here is to remind them of the work you do, and to make them feel 'seen' (but not in a creepy way).


Tip #4 - Coupon or Discount Code Redemption

You've heard me say it 100 times! You always, always need to include a measurable action for your readers to take when you send an email. The CALL to ACTION! That's that fun button they get to press to Buy Now, Learn More, Schedule a Call, Get the "Thing". If it's in your business model, you can consider adding a coupon. This turns out to be a great way to identify people who are not only clicking through to learn more but are actually taking the next step to redeem an offer. Full disclosure here - I am NOT always behind a 'discount' code - unless that's in your biz - but I AM a fan of 'Added Value' - So, perhaps your Call to Action/Coupon would be - "Free Professional Assessment when you schedule by [date]". Another Call to Action might be "Receive the downloadable [irresistible free asset] when you schedule by [date]”.

Look for opportunities to follow up with these people with reminders and other offers to bring them into scheduling with you our purchasing your product/service.


Tip #5 - Event Registrations

Do you host events for your business? Networking opportunities, webinars, workshops? If so, then, of course, you'll be using your email list to promote them. Keep track of who is attending these events. It makes sense that if you know that someone has attended a couple of your events, they'll probably be interested in attending future events, too. And - even better - you can invite them to bring along friends or associates! Boom...there you go - You'll be introduced to new potential subscribers/clients.You already know that referrals are golden!

Review your list to identify folks who've attended your events. Reach out and let them know you appreciate them. What low-cost/free gift can you send to make them feel special? Perhaps you offer a BOGO offer for your next event.


Tip #6 - Your Evangelists, Brand Advocates, Amplifiers

Whatever you choose to call them, they're one of your most valuable assets. These are your people. They're open and willing to share your message with folks in their own networks.

Figure out who it is that's out there sharing your content, commenting on your blog posts, showing up for your 'lives'. Send them some virtual 'love'. Make sure you return the favor by amplifying their content, as well. Add them to an "evangelist" tag in your email list so that you will be ready to serve up extra special content just for them. They'll appreciate it. So will you.

By starting with your email list and doing a little bit of simple analysis, you’re going to be taking action to create engagement and conversations with your involved, devoted customers.

With ease and flow - you get to increase the power of your marketing, drawing your ideal clients and customers in with generosity and attention to detail.

When you reach out specifically to your “best” customers, you get to serve them more deeply. You have an opportunity to encourage them to spread your message and invite more subscribers. You will realize that your properly utilized list becomes your most valuable tool in your business toolkit.

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