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What I Love About Growth Tools


I am pretty much geeking out about this new Idea Lab Growth Tools platform.

I've just begun using it to schedule out my social media posts ( and those of my clients, too ) and am looking forward to slowly moving many of my other platforms (scheduler, courses, memberships, email, sales funnels, paid webinars, etc) over.

I'm looking forward to having everything under one roof. I am particularly excited to have an easy way to offer affiliate opportunities to my co-collaborators.


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Set Up Client Workflows with HoneyBook

Ready to improve your processes? 
Ready to work more efficiently?
Ready to give your clients an even better experience?

Listen to this webinar featuring me and HoneyBook's Product Evangelist, Mac Hughes, to explore what's new at HoneyBook!

We'll help you identify steps in your unique client flow and dive into the new HoneyBook features that help you improve your processes.


What We Cover:

- How to identify your unique client flow

- How to improve your client flow

- What is...

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Build Your Business Around Your Dream Life :: Mahnaz Sharif

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It is more important now - more than ever, to grow a business around your dream life - not the other way around.

You will often hear me talk about time and energy as our only true currency in our business lives....So, that's why this discussion with Mahnaz rang so true for me. 

In this Rise Above Noise spotlight, we discuss:

~ Respecting our time and energy

~ Creating a sustainable business model

~ Utilizing your daily schedule...

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Mindful Meditative Media

Kimber-lee Jacobsen
Thought Leader: BeLight Yoga

Key Takeaways:

  • Set up your mission-driven business for success with intent with steps to make your information accessible to those who are seeking to learn more about you.
  • Create a home practice of sitting in stillness to focus on your mission and your ‘why’.
  • Guide your day to day decisions to move you closer to where your intention is set.

 First, in this episode, I hop up on my soapbox – again –...

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How do you know if your website is working for you?

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