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Using FAQs to Create Content and Attract Ideal Clients

content creation faq Apr 01, 2020

Wondering how to come up with some helpful content for your website and social platforms?

Frequently Asked Questions is the key.

Let's get started! 

Grab a notebook or a pad of paper. A phone or computer list is ok, too - but give the pen-to-paper approach a go at first.  It's a great way to get some creative juices flowing.

Now, write down every question anyone's ever asked you about yourself, your business, the work you do, the products you sell, the services you provide.

You don't have to answer the questions this point, the list is the key.

Now...whenever you're ready to sit down to create completing content for your website or social posts, you have a rich source of ideas ready to go. 

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Once you do have a bunch of brief answers, you can create a page on your website where an ongoing list of FAQs lives. 

No matter how clear and well-organized your website is, your visitors and potential clients who have questions would probably have to browse through a few pages looking for the right answer. That can be annoying for a visitor that just wants a quick answer to an easy question. So, go ahead and collect your answers to common questions. Your FAQ page will offer your visitors a central place to find the answers they need.

This page can continue to be added upon as you collect even more questions and answers. 

Tip: If your FAQ page has more than 10 entries, organize by categories so it will be easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

Here is the Frequently Asked Questions page for B&M Catering.

The (amazing) B&M team began to keep track of allllll the questions people asked when they'd call the office to learn more about how to plan a catered event. Then, they wrote down the short answers to alllll the questions.  You can see that this page has fairly short answers. 

Tip: Keep FAQ page answers brief. Include links to more in-depth information elsewhere on your site. 


Then, you'll want to use those shorter answers as the basis for longer blog posts. 

  • Dive in and take one question at a time.
  • Create a blog to answer the question.
  • Include a testimonial if one is available
  • Include a call-to-action. (Always include a call-to-action)
  • Take a juicy quote out of the blog to create an image.

Here's how B&M Catering built out an entire blog post using some of the questions from the FAQs page. 

Notice how the blog post has some really great calls-to-action to give the reader something to do when they've finished reading the article.

If you visit the full original post, you'll also notice the other Rise Above Noise cornerstone tactic of using Testimonials in your content....That's a whole different topic we'll discuss another time.

That blog post and the accompanying image(s) can be highlighted on:

  • Your social platforms
  • Don't forget Pinterest (great for driving traffic to your website)
  • Your email newsletter
  • Guest blog ideas
  • YouTube if you make a quick video about it.
  • If it's a juicy one, you can add the link to your regular email signature line.
  • Ask your "amplifiers" to give it some love by sharing.  

B&M Catering uses the FAQs on their Google My Business

We've created a Pinterest board.

We have an album on their Facebook page.


By answering FAQs, you are allowing visitors to find answers to all their questions in one place. You are inviting them a bit closer to you. 

Not only does it make life easier for your website visitors, but it can also save your company time and resources because you don't have as many clients contacting you for answers.

They get to learn more about you and your business.  They feel cared for because you've taken the time to address their questions and concerns.  They feel familiar with you, your products or services, and even familiar with your team. 

Tip: Always be honest and straightforward with your answers. Yup, even the tough ones.

Your FAQ page is a great opportunity to attract organic traffic to your website.

Your FAQ page is a perfect opportunity to offer answers to questions not just about your company, but general questions about your specific industry or even your competitors. When you provide answers to these types of questions, you can end up bringing in people who may not even know about your company, but they found an answer to their Google search question on your site and clicked through to learn more. 

An FAQ page establishes trust.

Your FAQ page on your site lets your customers know that you invested in helping them find solutions. That is a huge advantage toward creating a sense of trust for you and your brand. When you offer fully thought-out, generous answers to common questions, this positions you as a thought leader and authority within your industry. That's naturally going to offer your site visitors more confidence about doing business with your company. 

Collecting and broadcasting the answers to all of the questions you can think of about you, your business, your products or services could end up being one of the most valuable investments of time and energy into your business success. 

Here, at Rise above Noise, we guide our clients with insights, tools, and accountability to get this effective, valuable facet of your online marketing in order.

Download the Free Guide and Worksheet 


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