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Speak Up :: Wendy Silver

video Apr 17, 2020

Wendy Silver
Beyond the Workplace, LLC
Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

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Top Takeaways:

  • Overcome the "Myth of the Expert"
  • Preparation and practice are key.
  • Fear and anxiety are not necessarily bad things.

 What did I love about today's conversation with Wendy?  We were soooo on the same page.  So often, the resistance my clients feel to showing up truly as themselves in their online platforms is similar to the resistance we feel when we think about public speaking.  But, my friend, you have a story to tell.  You have resources and skills that will help somebody in some way.  It's not really about you.....It's about showing up for the people who need to hear from you.

Oh.....but how to overcome the jitters?  Join the conversation. 

Digital Marketing Tip of the Week:

Give your website some attention and love.

Take some time now to go through each of your pages to check:

:: Do the links all work?
:: Does each of your pages have a call to action?
:: Is the content laid out in a way that it's easy to read and follow?
:: Anything outdated? Toss it.
:: Do you have a lead generator to help you grow your list?

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Today's Interview is with Wendy Silver.
Wendy is the founder and president of Beyond the Workplace LLC, a boutique HR consulting company specializing in employee relations. She is also a Commissioner on the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. Wendy is an advocate for women and moms who want to strive and thrive and in all areas of living and working. She spoke on the topic of overcoming fear of public speaking 

Top Public Speaking Takeaways:

  • Overcome the "Myth of the Expert" (Imposter Syndrome). The reality is if you know something that somebody else doesn't know, that could help them, then you should share it. We all have a story that - if it's helpful to one person - it's worth sharing. This mindshift goes hand-in-hand with the Rise Above Noise core idea that Marketing is an Act of Service.
  • So the thing about public speaking is when we're on stage, we think it's about us, but it's not about us. It's about the audience. So when you kind of reframe that and realize this is about helping them. No one's there to judge you. They're looking for information or skills or resources that you are offering.
  • Preparation and practice are key.
  • Find a community of people who will support you. They'll listen to your practice presentations and give you honest feedback.
  • Public speaking is like exercising. You kind of dread doing it, especially if you haven't done it in a while, it can be hard to get those muscles going. But when you do it consistently over and over again, it becomes a lot easier. Public speaking is the same.
  • Fear and anxiety are not a bad thing, right? Because it keeps your adrenaline going. But you don't want it to stop you. So, it's about learning to manage it. Breathing exercises, visualization, power poses help to relax the body.

Follow Wendy's Podcast: This podcast is for women who are striving and thriving in their quest to "Do it ALL"

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