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What's Your (Marketing) Type? :: Christina Frei

video May 23, 2020

Christina Frei
Innate Marketing Genius

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Christina tells us: Your Innate Marketing Genius archetype is the way you come alive in service to others.

Are you

  • A Nurturer?
  • An Adventure Guide?
  • Door Opener?
  • Steady Presence?
  • Celebrator?

Simply knowing your type will focus your marketing immediately.

Christina tells us that there is a way to be authentic in how you connect with prospects.

The Innate Marketing Genius system teaches you how to trust your instincts and get clear on what’s the best way forward for you. It connects you to your natural inner marketing strategy. Your marketing becomes an extension of who you are, instead of just another chore.

This empowering approach changes everything.

Barriers disappear, you connect with your prospective clients in a new way, you find powerful focus, you become exactly the marketer you’ve always known you are.

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Also in this episode, I offer my digital marketing tip of the week:

Email Subject Lines

Here are a few quick tips on creating your email subject and preheader lines. That's some valuable real estate - the first two words, especially, need to catch the reader's attention and make them take that action to open the email.

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