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Why Create a Welcome Email?

email marketing Feb 12, 2024

I am guessing that you're probably a lot like I am.

If I am walking into a store, or if I'm visiting your website to learn more about someone's business, I'm going to expect a warm reception.

We've all heard it before.

First impressions matter.

A welcome email series helps you open up a conversation with your customer. You get to set the expectations on the types and frequency of content your customer will receive.

Your welcome email will be the first impression you'll make with a new contact, blog subscriber, or newsletter subscriber via email. Welcome emails can deliver videos, special offers, a sign-up form, or just a friendly hello to establish a relationship with a new contact.

In fact, the welcome email will set the tone for your whole email relationship and can impact whether or not subscribers will open and click on future emails.

What makes welcome emails so special?

  • 45% of engagements happen after opt-ins and within the first 24 hours.
  • Welcome emails have a 50 to 60% open rate,! That's way more than any other marketing email.
  • Your welcome emails will likely have a 4x open rate and 5x click-through rate when compared to standard marketing emails!
  • When your new subscriber reads that first welcome email, she's likely going to read 40 percent more content from you over the next 180 days.

So,  you may be wondering... Is there a way to make your emails more effective?

Welcome emails are a great way for you to boost subscriber engagement naturally.

You've probably heard marketers say, 'It's all about the list.". Well, that IS true...but it's actually more true that it's about your relationship with the people on your list. 

The first interaction you may have with a new subscriber is a "confirmation email".

Essentially, you are confirming something she's already done. This might include things like:

  • Thanks for subscribing or downloading.
  • Make sure to verify your email address.
  • Please add us to your email safe sender/preferred sender list.
  • Welcome to our newsletter.

But your WELCOME emails are going to serve a much more important and powerful purpose. 

  1. Set your subscribers' expectations.
    Make sure your new connection knows how often you will be sending, what kind of content you'll be sending, and how they can unsubscribe if they've decided this is not what serves their needs.
  2. Clearly remind them the benefits of remaining on your email list
    • What are the obvious perks to being on your list? It could be that you offer free downloads, perhaps access to a free tool, maybe it's a follow up to a quiz you've offered.  This is a confirmation of the obvious benefit they already received when they signed up.
    • Are there even more benefits to remaining on your list?
      Perhaps you offer exclusive discounts to your subscriber, access to gated content, special deals. These are the yummy resources your new subscribers will want - and will stick around for.
    • Are there recurring benefits to being on your list? If you can offer special incentives for folks on a recurring basis, such as anniversary rewards, annual specials, and exclusive members-only events, your readers will be more likely to stay on your list. 

How Do You Get Welcome Emails to Work For You?


Welcome emails get over 80% higher open rates than other emails. I think that makes it pretty clear.....if you’re not sending a welcome email, you’re missing out on a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience.

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