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What Actually is a Brand?

video Feb 22, 2021

Sarah Michelle

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What's a brand?

Is it colors? fonts? taglines? jingles?

In today's conversation, Sarah Michelle and I talk about the various aspects of your Business Brand as an extension of your Personal Brand. 

It all begins with clarity around your core values, your mission statement, your "Why".   Knowing your ideal client - who you're speaking to is key to creating the messaging around your Brand.

Key Takeaways:

~ Branding isn't just for bigger companies......YOU already have a brand...if you aren't defining it, your audience already is.

~ People shouldn't have to GUESS what your brand is... It should always be the same.

~ How do you figure out YOUR story - how does that become part of your business brand story? How do you share your 'uniqueness'? What is your "polarizing' quality?


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