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Smartphone & Good Video Storytelling :: Brad Powell

video Apr 03, 2020

Brad Powell
Awesome Videomakers

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Brad Powell is a business video coach and livestream videographer who teaches entrepreneurs how easy it is to create engaging video campaigns with just a smartphone and good storytelling.

Top Takeaways:

  • Video is story-telling Not fact-telling
  • Video is the most effective, efficient way to reach people at scale, who you've never heard of you before.
  • Keep in mind….what do you want people to do after they watch the video? (Have a call-to-action)
  • Look to create engagement on your live video.  This will help you the most in terms of how people connect with you. You can carry on that conversation with them after the video is over.

Brad is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get over the limiting belief that video is too daunting by inspiring them to find everyday moments that make great marketing.

Partial Transcript:

if you were to try to do something that was really perfect and really highly produced, it would come across as being, you know, ingenuine, not authentic. It would be the opposite of what people are looking for.

I've always believed that the best way to do this in terms of reaching people at scale, who you've never had never heard of you before. Video is the most effective, efficient way to do that.

And so this is a great opportunity to reach people right now. And even if all you did was show up with some really great content for folks, people will remember the ones who showed up for them half this time.

Like you're gonna position yourself like no one else if you really show up and deliver during this period of time because this is a time of anxiety and people are on edge in really understandable ways.

And if you're there if you're one of the voices, that is really helping them get through this and get settled in and get over whatever they need to get over during this time. This is something they're going to remember. You will be someone who is really remembered and highly regarded.

Brad’s simple video toolkit is available as the lead generator on his website:

If you have a wireless mic, then you can move freely. And you can be anywhere. This is particularly great if you’re running online yoga or art classes or something like those - where you will need to move around a bit during your presentation.

The things that you do want to think about are what do you want people to do after they watch the video?

And you don't necessarily have to do anything wild, like stand on your head or, or do a super cool video of one kind or another. That's not what I'm talking about. You want to approach the beginning of your video with some questions, or some provocative thing that challenges what people are thinking about.

And this is the part where people will go, “okay, now, I want to pay attention because this person is asking a question that I need to know the answer to”.

Because we're human, and we're curious creatures, and we really like to know the answer.

Or you start with some kind of open-loop, where you sort of tease what you're going to do and you leave it open and say, “You know, I gotta stay until the end. Give me the answer to this.”

Video is a storytelling medium.  You need to tell a story in there because otherwise, they won’t remember you.

The thing that you're looking for here is engagement on a live video That’s the thing that will help you the most in terms of how people connect with you. Are they relating to you is whether or not they engaged with - and I mean that that literally - do they comment and/or share the video that you're making?

And the good news is when somebody comments, and you're in the environment of Facebook, now you know who they are It's not just a random contact. It's like, you're not anonymous anymore. They're showing up and saying, “Hey, you know, I'm really interested in this conversation”. And you can carry on that conversation with them after the video is over.

You can reply to them and send them a direct message. You can send them a question or a personal video message.


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