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How To Be Unforgettable and Highly Referable To Your Network

video Mar 08, 2021

Shaily Hakimian

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First off..... I get real and let you know how Clubhouse almost broke me.

Well, it didn't really break me....and it wasn't actually Clubhouse -it was just the feeling that I had to be everywhere - doing all the things. 

It was great to have Shaily Hakimian, Your Social Media Sherpa on hand to talk me down off the ledge. 

Shaily tells me that her superpower is tricking people into believing in themselves using their own words. She sure can motivate the heck out of people!

Shaily and I offer our own insights into how to be strategic with the use of social media. We ask: "If your best leads come from referrals, then why are you doing your marketing hoping random people fall from the sky?"

We talk about how we all need to make sure we are using the 'social' part of social media by creating real and generous connections. 


My Three Takeaways:

1) Your content needs to go out to a place where your people can see it or you need to drive them there in an engaging way.

2) Your content should be about you and any FAQs you get from leads. 

3) you can do less and get more impact. Consistency is everything



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