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Understand the Instagram Algorithm

video Feb 11, 2021

Lauren V. Davis
Lauren Davis Creative

Click on the image for the full interview.


First off, I offer my marketing thoughts of the week:

Marketing is actually simply a vehicle....whether it’s through email, social media, speaking, a book,  - it allows you to reach more people.  If you approach marketing with “I’m here to serve”  “I’m here to make a difference”, how will that affect how you show up and attract those who are searching for exactly what you can offer them?  


The sharing mindset allows you to follow the plan in a way that feels natural and generous.


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"If social media is feeling forced and strained to you, consider if the way you are using it aligns with how you make natural connections in real life." - Lauren V. Davis


Today's brilliant gems are courtesy of Lauren V. Davis of Lauren Davis Creative. She centered around Positioning your personal brand on Instagram for a long-lasting audience.


There was so much content this morning, it was a challenge to keep up. 

I highly recommend sitting through her presentation with pen and paper at hand.


Here are a few of the juiciest takeaways.

  •  START with the 10-15 people who always show up to your posts and stories.
  •  Get a clear idea of WHO is your audience?  Identify their Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, and Behavior.

  •  Numbers don't matter as much...especially if they aren't interacting with you.

  •  The IG algorithm favors relationship - story interactions, meaningful conversations, together.

  •  Using even just 1 hashtag on an IG post can increase views by 12%.



Ok - here's what to look for, too.

At around minute 30 - Lauren's Cheat List of High Engaging IG Content

At around minute 34 or so....the 30-sec PLAN to optimize your bio on IG



Grab these amazing resources from Lauren:

12+ Content Posts Worksheet Simple Algorithm Breakdown

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