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Time Is Your Most Valuable Assett :: Shelia Perkins

video Apr 02, 2020

Shelia Perkins
WilsonPerkins Lifestyle Management | Concierge

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This week's topics:

  • Use frequently asked questions to attract ideal clients
  • Time is your most valuable assett.
  • A former corporate project manager creates individualized systems to help busy professionals get more done.

Why was I so drawn to Shelia when we first met?  This woman is the embodiment of organized, well-planned, and get-it-doneness. 

First off this week, Part 2:

"How to Use FAQs" in your online presence to attract your ideal clients.

Last time, we talked about the importance of collecting an ongoing list of the most frequently asked questions - this week, I'll offer more of the "how-to" answer the questions on your website and other online platforms so that your potential clients will learn more about your offerings and your skills.

By being obsessed with what your potential clients are asking, you can grow your 'know-like-trust' so that by the time they schedule that call with you....they already're the one they want!

Schedule your free clarity call with me so that we can explore where you can use your FAQs to grow your business. 

Then..... A conversation with Shelia Perkins, Lifestyle Concierge who tells us:

Time is your most valuable asset.

Sometimes.... we all have to take stock and decide .... What are the tasks in our life that we'd be happy to hand off to someone capable of performing so that we could spend more time in our own zone of genius?

What if you had someone to help you get your programs and systems in place?

Shelia Perkins has created WilsonPerkins Lifestyle Management | Concierge Services to help busy professionals actually be able to plan, implement, manage, and complete the many tasks in their busy lives.

As a former corporate executive, Shelia felt like she was struggling to stay on top of everything. When she launched WilsonPerkins Lifestyle and Concierge Service it was as an act of service to help fellow time-poor individuals, families, and entrepreneurs to better manage their own lives. Assisting with everything from website creation and grocery shopping to pet sitting and holiday planning, a Lifestyle Manager’s role can be as little or as large as you like.

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