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Is Your Business Ready for Facebook Ads? :: Crystal Cherry Colson

video Apr 07, 2022

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The very first pillar in the Rise Above Noise 5-Pillar Roadmap is to have clarity on your ideal client. That means - you know exactly who you are talking to and what your intended message will be. This is of utmost importance as you consider whether or not to invest in Facebook Ads.

In today's conversation with Crystal Cherry Colson, we cover how you will know whether Facebook ads are a good fit for your business so you can finally stop wondering and start creating a massive impact.

We also cover the 3 areas to focus on with your ads so you can confidently develop a strategy that’s aligned with your business goals.

Facebook Ad Strategist, Crystal Cherry Colson is the owner of Crystal Cherry Digital, a boutique digital advertising agency. Crystal loves using her background in digital marketing and technical communications to take the confusion out of Facebook ads and develop heart-centered strategies that lead to growth.

Today's Takeaways:

~~ Facebook Ads are most effective when you have a proven process in your business such as an email welcome sequence with your list growth lead generators. It's important to warm your subscribers - it's a bit like can't jump right to the engagement.

~~ Data doesn't lie. Find creative ways to reach your audience. TRACK THE RESULTS. Adjust as needed. Refine - targeting, messaging, visuals

~~ Facebook Ads is a long-term strategy with continual tweaking for best results


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