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Prospect on LinkedIn Without Being Icky and Sales-y

video Feb 01, 2021

Susan MacConnell

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First up this week, I'll show you an easy way to access the info you are looking for in a Facebook group without spending precious minutes scrolling through the feed.  

No kidding......SAVE TIME!  Use the search or Units (when available).


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Then... Susan MacConnell - the ultimate connector - and I talk about how to use LinkedIn to prospect....but without coming across as 'selly selly' - in a way that feels curious and personal.

Susan tells us there’s been a 48% increase in LinkedIn activity this past year.  She uses metrics to figure out how to get you qualified meetings - She reminds us that we have to do our 'touches" - direct messaging connects, etc. 


1.You can grow your network on Linkedin without ads. 

2. With a plan you can do it less than an hour a day.

3: Be curious about the person with whom you want to connect.


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