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Planning Your Profitable Retreat

video Feb 18, 2021

Amy Flores - Young

Click the image to access the full interview. 

If you are a coach thinking about planning a retreat - go no further until you’ve listened to Amy Flores- Young of FloYo Travel.


After decades as a non-profit professional Amy has brought together all her superpowers to create PPTT: 

Powerful~Profitable~Transformation~ Travel. 

 Amy partners with soul-centered coaches and leaders to create transformational in-person destination retreats so they can connect with their community in a safe, powerful and profitable way - without stress or hassle (yep, even during a pandemic!) 


Travel experiences - when planned correctly - bring people together on many levels.


Amy’s superpower is Details and Problem Solving and she sure does put that superpower to good use in supporting her clients. 


Today’s takeaways:

  • Common pitfalls to watch out for. 
  • How to ensure the profitability of an event. 
  • ALIGNMENT is EVERYTHING- you can't plan from your bucket list. 


When Amy partners with you to create an experience,  you get to focus on YOUR gifts - let your expertise shine so that you don't take any of THAT away from your guests.

Grab Amy’s Top 6 Retreat Planning Pitfalls:

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