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Marketing From A Big Picture Perspective

video Feb 01, 2021

Laurie McDowell

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My digital marketing tip for this week is an invitation to show up without any up as yourself with a preference for generosity. 

How can you stand out in a busy Facebook Group such as Rise Above Noise to attract attention to the services and gifts you offer in service to others? 

How can you show up feeling vulnerable to ask for help and support in a way that also serves others? (if YOU are confused, afraid,’s likely others are, as well, and you’d be doing them a favor by being the one to ask)

  • Marketing is showing up. 
  • Consistently offering value.
  • Consistently staying relevant.

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When I had my first conversation with Laurie McDowell, owner of Go Fish Communications, we totally geeked out talking about the importance of helping our clients be consistent in their marketing. CONSISTENCY IS KEY.   


You've probably heard me say "Don't throw your spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks" - by that, I've meant - DO THE THINGS that work. Be clear.


In this week’s interview, Laurie and I covered these topics.

  1. Marketing works best when performed consistently.  
  2. Use the same messaging across all marketing efforts.  
  3. Check-in at regular intervals to make sure your ship is headed in the right direction.


Some of Laurie’s ‘golden nuggets”:
  ~ Listening to find a clear path amid the chaos 

  ~Check in with your marketing regularly. Make sure your message is the same wherever you are doing your marketing.

  ~ Market - every day. all the time. Marketing supports your overall business goals. 

Laurie’s company, provides strategic marketing communication advice and services for small to mid-sized professional services firms.


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